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The best games like It Takes Two

Here are the best games like It Takes Two for fans of co-op gaming searching for more satisfying shared experiences on PS5, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Best Games Like It Takes Two: Two characters can be seen

What are the best games like It Takes Two? When Hazelight Studios released It Takes Two, they were no strangers to the world of co-op gaming and so, it should come as no surprise that it has been an award-winning success. After enjoying the wondrous world of married couple Cody and May navigating through an adventure built perfectly for two, you find yourself craving more joint gaming titles.

You’re in luck. Much like It Takes Two, the entries on our list below are full of interactive storytelling, characters to fall in love with, and relationships to be tested both in-game and in reality. Whether you’re embarking on your journey through local or couch co-op, we’ve options to choose from that allow you to game with loved ones across the world. Each title is one of the best co-op games around right now and unique, like It Takes Two itself, twisting the individual skills of two players (or more) together to tackle tasks that require teamwork. If you’re ready to put your collaboration skills to the test, let’s jump into our best games like It Takes Two list, and form unbreakable bonds.

The best games like It Takes Two are:

  • A Way Out
  • Overcooked All You Can Eat
  • Cuphead
  • Unravel Two
  • Moving Out
  • Grounded
  • Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Best Games Like It Takes Two: Both protagonists can be seen

1. A Way Out

We start our list with Hazelight’s It Takes Two predecessor, A Way Out. An entirely different game from the studio, but no less of a triumphant and epic adventure. Whilst not whimsically-natured like It Takes Two, A Way Out is still pure co-op gold. So pure in fact, that, like its successor, you can only play it with someone else.

You take on the roles of Vincent and Leo, two prisoners making a daring escape and embarking on an uncertain fate outside of the prison walls. Much like the premise of any co-op game, you need to work together to solve puzzles, even if Vincent and Leo are reluctant to. It’s much more intense than It Takes Two, but still builds its tale upon working together to get the job done. (No, you’re making Bob the Builder references…)

You can pick it up for your Xbox console or PlayStation console. A Way Out is also available with an EA Play subscription or Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Best Games Like It Takes Two: Multiple characters can be seen

2. Overcooked All You Can Eat

If it’s pure, unadulterated fun that you’re after though, Overcooked! All You Can Eat is one for all the family. We must caveat here that by ‘fun’, we do in fact mean arguing incessantly with your loved ones about who caused the fire on the east side… It’s absolute chaos as you team up to run a kitchen serving hungry customers whilst battling with changing landscapes, teleportation, fires, and rogue rats to name but a few of the kitchen hazards thrown at you.

All You Can Eat is a combination of Team 17’s two Overcooked games in shiny, remastered fashion with over 200 levels and 80 different chefs. You can also play it alone if you want, but you probably don’t want to because there’s no one else to blame when it all goes to pot.

Best Games Like It Takes Two: Multiple characters can be seen

3. Cuphead

If you’re looking to get really angry, but also so, so proud of yourself then this next entry is going to challenge even the strongest duo. Cuphead is a run-and-gun title pitting little 1930s cartoon cups against boss after boss after boss. Ergo, you’re not in for an easy ride. Plus, when you play together, the boss’s health doubles so really it’s even harder.

Anyway, Cuphead will test your co-op skills to their absolute limits. You’ll transverse the side-scrolling platformer world whilst acquiring new weapons and skills before unleashing them on enemies. And hopefully, just hopefully, you’ll succeed. It looks like a whimsical game, but it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. We’re exhausted just thinking about it.

Best Games Like It Takes Two: Both Yanie's can be seen

4. Unravel Two

Unravel Two is the sequel to Coldwood Interactive’s single-player title, bringing co-op adventuring to the Yarny life. You can either play as little yarn dolls, navigating the landscape and using their yarn trail to travel around, or you can partner up and share the load.

It’s inspired by real Scandinavian locations, so we’re talking about beautiful rural mountainous landscapes as well as urban spots to enjoy. You have to work together or you just won’t get anywhere. Two heads are better than one, right? Put your skills together with a friend and you’ll be sure to navigate the obstacles in your way. So, if you’re looking for whimsical wonder like It Takes Two, look no further than Unravel Two.

Unravel Two is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. You can also grab it with an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Best Games Like It Takes Two: Multiple characters can be seen

5. Moving Out

There’s a weird overarching theme emerging with these co-op titles and we’re not done yet. Frustration. Moving Out is exactly what it says it is, you’re moving out of your home and you need to get your belongings out the front door and onto that moving truck. If you don’t think it through with your teammate, you’re not going to have a good time. But, if you do, well, well, well you’re moving on out.

You’ve heard of couch co-op, well here you’re really moving couches. It’s some real physics-based conundrums navigating the furniture between small gaps, squeezing it out those doors, and wondering how these items ever made it inside in the first place.

Moving Out is available on PS4, Xbox, One, Nintendo Switch, and you can grab it with a PS Plus subscription.

Best Games Like It Takes Two: Multiple kids can be seen in the backyard

6. Grounded

In true ‘Honey I Shrunk The Kids’ style, Grounded shrinks you down until you’re smaller than the bugs in your backyard and you need to battle your way through the pesky grass blades to survive. Here you can play alone or with up to three friends to take on the perilous dangers of many insects and obstacles. Plus, you can hop into the shared adventure even when the original host isn’t online.

The core objective is to survive and to do so, you’ll need to work together to build a base that’ll protect you, fight off the hordes of insects that try to hurt you and gather resources that’ll ultimately make you a better lawn warrior.

You can get Grounded on Xbox and PC. It is also a part of Xbox Game Pass.

Best Games Like It Takes Two: Sackboy can be seen

7. Sackboy: A Big Adventure

We end our list with LittleBigPlanet legend, Sackboy. In his very own spin-off title, A Big Adventure is full of fun as you navigate the tricky 3D platformer. With local and online co-op available, it’s a game that is most definitely enjoyed alongside friends and can be completed in its entirety as a pair, or squad.

It’s a world of imagination, much like It Takes Two, and it also adopts an enjoyable aesthetic that will have you feeling all types of ways. Whilst there’s not the crafting and customization of a usual LittleBigPlanet title, for Sackboy’s spin-off it’s all focused on adventure and tackling obstacles to save the world and take down the devious villain, Vex.

That covers all the best games like It Takes Two. For even more co-op fun, check out our list of the best Nintendo Switch co-op games, best PS5 co-op games, and best Xbox co-op games to play right now.