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Hyenas devs have been werking with drag queens on Galaxia

Hyenas product director Alex Hunnisett tells The Loadout that developer Creative Assembly took tips from the drag community when creating Galaxia

Hyenas Axia Drag Queen Alex Hunnissett interview: Axia

Creative Assembly has been hard at work crafting its own vision for a futuristic sci-fi shooter in the form of Hyenas – the first non-strategy game it has turned its hand to since 2014’s Alien: Isolation. This manifestation is set to include zero-gravity gunplay, the theft of tons of pop culture-related loot, and even drag queens.

Boasting a big wig and a bigger health pool, Galaxia is one of Hyenas’ tankier characters, and she has quite literally come to slay. Speaking to The Loadout at Gamescom about Galaxia’s development, product director Alex Hunnisett says that the studio has worked “a lot” with the drag community in order to bring her to life in a way that makes sure that she “feels authentic and representative”.

While Creative Assembly hasn’t revealed who specifically it’s worked with on Galaxia (although she looks and sounds suspiciously like Trixie Mattel), Hunnisett says she is not only visually striking, but hilarious. “Some of the one liners she comes out with are brilliant, and she’s really fun to play – she’s my favourite character, personally.”

Though drag is seldom seen in videogames, the art form pervades popular culture, making it a perfect fit for Hyenas. When it comes to improving representation overall, Hunnisett notes that the studio is having discussions with the appropriate communities for each of its characters, not just Galaxia.

While Galaxia won’t be making her way down a runway anytime soon, she has already made her debut on our screens in the Hyenas alpha this past weekend, ahead of the full Hyenas release date dropping next year.

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