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Horizon Forbidden West mission list – all main and side quests

Looking for the Horizon Forbidden West mission list with all the main and side quests? We have the full list for you to sink your teeth into

Horizon Forbidden West Mission List: Aloy can be seen crouching in a busy behind some enemies.

Horizon Forbidden West has more than a dozen different quest types ranging from main and side quests, to clearing bandit camps, and finding collectibles.

The variety of activities on offer in this game is far greater than the first with brand new activities like the Survey Drone locations and returning favourites, such as the Horizon Forbidden West’s Tallneck location and a number of underground Cauldron locations. This is on top of collectibles, Errands, unique questlines, and alternate versions of machines to hunt down in the open world.

While, finding every single mission and quest across all of these types will take a while, this article will delve into each one a bit, to give you an overview and also the different types of sub quests that come under the category. Read on for a rundown of the Horizon Forbidden West mission list which highlights the main and side missions in the game.

Horizon Forbidden West Mission List

There are 17 main and 49 side quests in Horizon Forbidden West, alongside a number of other activates like collectibles. Below you can see the full list of main and side quests:

Horizon Forbidden West Mission List: Aloy can be seen walking through an overgrown street in San Fransico.

Main Missions

There are 17 main missions in Horizon Forbidden West. They are as follows:

  • Reach For The Stars
  • The Point Of The Lance
  • To The Brink
  • The Embassy
  • Death’s Door
  • The Dying Lands
  • The Eye Of The Earth
  • The Broken Sky
  • The Kulrut
  • Cradle Of Echoes
  • The Sea of Sands
  • Seeds Of The Past
  • Faro’s Tomb
  • Gemini
  • All That Remains
  • The Wings Of The Ten
  • Singularity

Horizon Forbidden West Mission List: Aloy can be seen walking up to a Cauldron

Side Missions

There are 49 side missions in Horizon Forbidden West and they are as follows, split into regular side quests and errands:

  • Deep Trouble
  • The Twilight Path
  • The Bristlebacks
  • Learning Machine Strike
  • The Enduring
  • A Dash Of Courage
  • A Bigger Boom
  • Shadow From The Past
  • Shadow In The West
  • Signals Of The Sun
  • The Burning Blooms
  • A Tribe Apart
  • Drowned Hopes
  • The Second Verse
  • What Was Lost
  • Forbidden Legacy
  • The Promontory
  • The Roots That Bing
  • The Oldgrowth
  • The Music In Metal
  • The Second Verse
  • Burden Of Command
  • In Bloom
  • Need To Know
  • Drowned Hopes
  • Breaking Even
  • Signal Spike
  • Shining Example
  • Thirst For The Hunt
  • The Wound In The Sand
  • The Gate Of The Vanquished
  • The Deluge
  • The Taste Of Victory
  • Sons Of The Prometheus Data
  • Lofty Ambitions
  • Nights Of Lights
  • Call And Response
  • First To Fly
  • A Soldier’s March
  • Blood For Blood
  • The Valley Of The Fallen
  • What Was Lost
  • A Hunt To Remember
  • The Blood Choke
  • Tides Of Justice
  • In The Fog
  • The Way Home
  • The Souvenir
  • Forbidden Legacy

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