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Horizon Forbidden West Cauldron locations

There are more hidden underground facilities to explore - here’s all the Horizon Forbidden West Cauldron locations so you can grab Cauldron Cores

Horizon Forbidden West Cauldron Locations: Aloy walking into a Cauldron

Guerrilla Games might be introducing a whole host of new features to the Horizon series through Horizon Forbidden West, but that doesn’t mean it’s ditching the things that made the first game so great. In Horizon Zero Dawn, Cauldrons were hidden underground facilities that players could explore to unlock new sets of Overrides and in Horizon Forbidden West, they’re going to be just as important as they were before. Continue reading through this guide for the Horizon Forbidden West Cauldron locations.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s Cauldrons are dangerous, but some of the more exciting locations to explore in the game. These old-world underground facilities are full of interesting lore and a great place to get loot – if you don’t mind tackling some of the tougher machines out there. With Cauldrons returning for Guerrilla’s sequel, we have highlighted all of their locations so you can find them all tucked away within the world.

Horizon Forbidden West Cauldron locations

There are 6 Cauldron locations in Horizon Forbidden West for you to complete:

  • Repair-Bay TAU Cauldron location – Unlocked during the main story
  • GEMINI Cauldron location – unlocked during the main story
  • MU Cauldron location – Found at the base of the snowy hills in the east
  • IOTA Cauldron location – found in the north of the central area of the map
  • CHI Cauldron location – found along the water in the south-west of the map
  • KAPPA Cauldron location – found in the northwest of the map, just northwest of the Tallneck: The Stand of the Sentinels.

Repair-Bay TAU Cauldron location

The Repair-Bay TAU Cauldron is automatically completed as a part of the story and is unmissable. It also can’t be completed outside of the main quest.

Gemini Cauldron Location

The Gemini Cauldron is also completed during the main story and can’t be completed outside of it. Therefore, it is unmissable.

MU Cauldron Location

Iota Cauldron Location

The IOTA Cauldron recommends you being level 22 and can be found in the far north of the central section of the map. This Cauldron also contains one of the Tallneck locations in Horizon Forbidden West.


For the CHI Cauldron, you should be level 30 and it can be found along the open body of water in southern section of the western region of the map.

Kappa Cauldron Location

Finally, for the KAPPA Cauldron can be found in the north-west of the map, along the coastline, just to the north-west of the Tallneck: ‘The Stand of the Sentinels’. It is recommended you are level 40 for this Cauldron.

Well, that’s all we know about the Horizon Forbidden West Cauldrons and their locations. Check out the latest on all the Horizon Forbidden West machines you’ll come across.