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HoYoverse unveils more Honkai Star Rail Aeons in new lore trailer

While Honkai Star Rail players have met plenty of Aeons in the Simulated Universe, RPG developer HoYoverse wants us to say hi to Nous and Xipe.

Honkai Star Rail Aeons Nous and Xipe: Xipe

HoYoverse has provided more faces to the names of some of the Honkai Star Rail Aeons, as part of a new trailer focusing on the space fantasy RPG’s deities.

The Myriad Celestia trailer, which features some familiar Aeons for those currently working their way through the Simulated Universe, also unveils the forms of two Aeons we have yet to meet in Honkai Star Rail’s roguelike mode: Nous, The Erudition, and Xipe, The Harmony.

Nous is described in its Data Bank entry as an “astral computer” which “hopes to understand the universe and solve all of its mysteries.” Xipe, meanwhile, is a thousand-faced Aeon from “multiple harmonious worlds”. Whether or not these Aeons will eventually be added to the Simulated Universe – be it as one of the Honkai Star Rail Paths to follow, a special occurrence, or otherwise – remains to be seen.

Later in the trailer, HoYo also teases the visual identities of numerous other Aeons, including Oroboros, The Voracity, Idrila, The Beauty, and more. As such, we can perhaps expect further reveals as Honkai Star Rail’s story progresses.

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