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Your Hollow Knight Silksong release date dream could soon come true

Hollow Knight Silksong has been rated in Australia, indicating Team Cherry's next big Metroidvania hit may soon have its release date revealed on PS5 and Xbox.

Hollow Knight Silksong rating Australia: Hornet wearing her patented red cloak next to an image of her fighting bugs

Hollow Knight Silksong enjoyers, our time is nigh. Following its 12+ rating in Korea, Team Cherry’s highly-anticipated sequel has now been greenlit by its native Australia’s own classification board. After five long years of waiting, we could be inching closer to the big release date reveal we’ve been longing for on PS5 and Xbox.

I often wonder if Hollow Knight Silksong is simply some sick Mandela effect we’ve all been spun into, before swiftly double-checking the 2022 Game Pass reveal trailer is still up on YouTube – or even existed in the first place. I, like yourself (most likely), have been dying to play the upcoming Metroidvania game since its 2019 unveiling, and now the Australian Classification Board has followed on from Korea’s Game Rating and Administration Committee our prayers may soon be answered.

On April 2, 2024 the ACB decided that Silksong is a PG game (that’s ‘Parental Guidance’ if you’re only used to ESRB ratings). As per the board’s guidelines, this means that Silksong “may contain content that children find confusing or upsetting and may require the guidance of parents, teachers or guardians.” As such, it’s “not recommended” for young people under the age of 15 without that supervision. This is pretty similar to the 12+ rating GRAC gave Silksong, and the ESRB 10+ proudly displayed on the game’s Xbox Store page – potential April Fool’s shenanigans aside seeing as it was pushed live on April 1.

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So, with all of this rating goodness recently popping up, when can we expect the Hollow Knight Silksong release date to be announced? Well, based on the fact it is joining the list of Xbox Game Pass games on day one, it would make the most sense for it to appear once more at the next Xbox Showcase. We recently covered a report that the next one is set for June, and with Call of Duty Black Ops Gulf War also possibly set to appear at the event we could be in for an absolute banger lineup should Hornet zip in to say hi.

It’s undoubtedly an exciting time to be a fan of the hit Soulslike game series, and I’m personally itching to get back into Hallownest – but not before my own Hollow Knight adventure is completed. You see, I often say that the original is “the best game I never finished,” and that’s because, after at least several trillion tries at getting through White Palace, I sat my Xbox controller down defeated and with a big, shiny bruise on my ego. Now that Silksong is seemingly just around the corner, I’m determined to rectify that denotation.

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