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Too many of you need to finish Hi-Fi Rush before the rumored DLC drop

With recent leaks teasing a Hi-Fi Rush DLC announcement is imminent, a lot of you need to actually finish the Xbox Game Pass game, looking at your achievements.

Hi-Fi Rush DLC leaks achievements finish game: an image of the main white boy from the rhythm Xbox game

Tango Gameworks’ Hi-Fi Rush is – as you may have already heard – one of the best Xbox Game Pass games to come out of 2023. If you’re looking for characters full of charm, addictive combat with fantastic combos, and a soundtrack you’ll want to add to your latest Spotify playlist, you really do need to play Hi-Fi Rush. However, with rumors that new Hi-Fi Rush DLC is coming, a shocking amount of you really need to finish the game.

Looking at data aggregator TrueAchievements, a site that tracks the percentage of players have earned individual achievements in all the best Xbox games, it looks like only around 21% of Hi-Fi Rush players have finished the game on Normal difficulty.

To add to that, only 4% of players have finished on Easy difficulty, and only 5% of players have finished the game on Hard difficulty. If you’re someone trying to play through on Very Hard difficulty, only around 1% of players have managed to finish it on that level. Even more surprisingly, only 507 players – according to TrueAchievements – have managed to get the “Didn’t Skip A Beat” achievement; you get that for finishing the game on Rhythm Master difficulty.

Yeah, that really isn’t that many players at all, is it. At least around 84% of you have got the “You Can Pet The Cat” achievement – which is the achievement you get for playing with 808 in the hideout. Not having that is almost a crime, really. Either way, a whole lot of you need to finish this game before the rumored Hi-Fi Rush DLC arrives.

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What’s this all about DLC, we hear you ask? Well, ten new achievements for this game have been spotted on the Hi-Fi Rush SteamDB page – all listed as “TBA” (to be announced) – recently. With the Xbox Games Showcase coming on June 11, speculation is rife that a DLC for this game is going to be announced – and maybe even released – during the presentation.

Although leaked before, Hi-Fi Rush was something of a surprise launch during the Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct in January 2023. So, we don’t think it’s outrageous to think that we might see another surprise announcement from Tango Gameworks this time around. But, time will-indeed tell, as suggestive as the new achievement leak is.

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