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Xbox exclusive Hellblade 2 could join Hi-Fi Rush on PS5 post-launch

Hellblade 2 could join the likes of Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves on PS5 post-launch launch, though this could spell trouble for the Xbox exclusive’s developer.

Hellblade 2 Xbox to PS5 rumor Hi-Fi Rush: Senua with plum-colored face markings nex to the PlayStation logo

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 hasn’t even arrived yet and already the Xbox exclusive could join fellow expats like Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves over on PS5. As Microsoft finds itself clutching at golden straws following its mega-money acquisition spree, Ninja Theory’s latest could be offered to a broader player base on PlayStation’s latest and greatest hardware.

That is according to The Verge’s Tom Warren, who reports that Hellblade 2 “is another game that Microsoft has been considering for the PS5.” The follow-up to one of the best Xbox games is set to join the list of Xbox Game Pass games when it arrives on May 21, though for how long it will remain an Xbox exclusive is unclear.

Should we get a Hellblade 2 PS5 port a few months later – the timescale I suspect Microsoft is looking at to recuperate as much capital as possible – then not only would it represent another major first-party crossover for the publisher, but it would also mark a return to Hellblade’s multi-platform roots. Though it’s weird to remember now, and I feel there’s some light Mandela-ing going on, Senua’s Sacrifice is available on PS4 and Switch. In fact, it was a timed PlayStation exclusive for the first six months of its life – wild.

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The Verge’s report also comes with a warning that, should Hellblade 2 make the move to PS5, “at this point, it’s not clear if even that would be considered a success.” This refers to the ill-fated Tango Gameworks, one of three shuttered studios in the latest round of closures, which last year blessed our consoles with the exquisite Hi-Fi Rush – a game we enjoyed so much we gave it a 9/10 in our Hi-Fi Rush review.

Last April, Xbox’s VP of games marketing Aaron Greenberg said that Hi-Fi Rush, one of the best Xbox Game Pass games, had been “a breakout hit” for it “in all key measurements and expectations.” Well, if even award-winning games with over three million players from Xbox’s smaller acquisitions aren’t enough to keep the lights on – even after they’ve made their PlayStation debut – then Ninja Theory could eventually follow.

However, a fresh report from Bloomberg reveals that the demise of Tango Gameworks, alongside fellow ZeniMax studios Arkane Austin and Alpha Dog, is seemingly down to the company being “spread too thin” to operate effectively. Should this be the case, then direct Xbox Game Studios subsidiaries like Ninja Theory and Double Fine could be spared the chopping block – for now, at least.

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