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Hell Let Loose PS4 - where is the shooter on Sony’s last-generation console

Find out why Black Matter aren't bringing Hell Let Loose to PS4 anytime soon.

A soldier stands overlooking a battlefield as soldiers run in front of him in all directions.

The popular World War 2 shooter was a hit when it launched on next-gen consoles like the PS5, but for those who haven’t got the latest and greatest hardware, that’s no use. So, a Hell Let Loose PS4 release would be perfect.

With Hell Let Loose crossplay, those on PS5 and Xbox are certainly doing alright for themselves. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get plenty of the best multiplayer games or the best FPS games on PS4 too. Nevertheless, here’s all you need to know about Hell Let Loose on PS4.

Hell Let Loose PS4 Release

Black Matter CEO, Max Rea, told The Loadout that a Hell Let Loose PS4 release is unlikely saying that the work required to port the game to PS5 was “complex” enough. As such, Rea suggested that we shouldn’t expect a PS4 release in the future.

You can see our full interview with Max Rea here for more details.

Years on from its PS5 and Xbox release, it’s clear that a version of Hell Let Loose for last-gen consoles isn’t going to come to fruition. When you see the game in action, it’s not too hard to see why either. Maps are massive and player counts are large, which is no doubt too much for the humble PS4 to handle.

So there you have it, word on a Hell Let Loose PS4 port straight from the horse’s mouth. With the PS5 now being more accessible, here’s hoping you can grab the next-gen console and some of the best PS5 games while you’re at it.