Hell Let Loose PS4 – where is the shooter on Sony’s last-generation console

Find out why Black Matter won't be bringing Hell Let Loose to PS4 anytime soon

A soldier stands overlooking a battlefield as soldiers run in front of him in all directions.

Where is Hell Let Loose on PS4? The popular World War 2 shooter has hit PS5 and those who haven’t been able to grab the console want to know if they can get their hands on the promising-looking multiplayer game from developer Black Matter.

With the game only available on PS5, many PlayStation 4 players have been left disappointed that they won’t be able to play alongside their PS5 brethren and friends on Xbox Series X|S. This is especially true because Hell Let Loose cross-play has been confirmed between PS5 and Xbox Series X|S ahead of release.

There also hasn’t been much communication from Team17 and Black Matter on the next-gen only launch. Read on to see what Black Matter told us about the game possibly coming to PS4 in the future.

Hell Let Loose PS4 Release

Black Matter CEO, Max Rea, has told The Loadout that a Hell Let Loose PS4 release is unlikely saying that the work required to port the game to PS5 was “complex”. As such he has suggested that we shouldn’t expect a PS4 release in the future.

You can see our full interview with Max Rea here for more details.


Hell Let Loose will also be a part of the PS Plus October 2021 games lineup. However, it will be exclusive to PS5 players, so last-gen players will have to try and get their hands on a shiny PS5.