Halo Infinite challenges are not tracking for a lot of players right now

After a couple of days with the beta, players are finding out that the Halo Infinite challenges are not tracking, preventing them from earning rewards

Halo Infinite Challenges Not Tracking: A player can be seen running towards the Oddball, with another player behind them.

If you have been playing Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer this week and working your way through the challenges on offer, you may have stumbled upon one or two that either don’t track accurate or aren’t tracking at all. The good news is you aren’t the only one experiencing the issue.

Yes, the problem of Halo Infinite challenges not tracking has been felt far and wide by Halo Infinite Season 1 players, as they try to work their way through and level up the Heroes of Reach battle pass. A wide variety of challenges have been reported as broken on social media and forums, with various Reddit users not being able to rack up kills with the pulse carbine, or getting stuck on some of the higher tier challenges.

We have experienced this ourselves, with challenges asking us to kill opponents with the Heatwave and M247 HMG not working properly.

On its own, this wouldn’t be a major issue, but with these Halo Infinite challenges not tracking properly, players are currently being prevented from completing all of them in a single week and earning the ultimate reward on offer.

You can try to fix these issues with Challenge Swap consumables but chances are you won’t have enough from the Season 1 battle pass, requiring you to spend money to get more.

343 Industries hasn’t commented on the issue yet. However, the fact that a large swaithe of the playerbase are struggling with Halo Infinite’s challenges not tracking means we probably won’t be waiting long until the issue has been fixed in a Halo Infinite update.