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Grounded crossplay and cross-platform support explained

Are you looking for information and a full overview about Grounded crossplay and cross-platform support? This article has everything you need to know

Grounded Crossplay Crossplatform: Two survivors can be seen standing in the backgarden.

Grounded is a whole lot of fun on your open, but even better with friends. After all, it is a terrifying game and being able to share that fear with your buddies should help bring some levity to the terrifying situations you find yourself in. But, with the survival game being multiplayer-focused, is Grounded crossplay and cross-platform support available?

Crossplay is practically a must for any multiplayer game on the latest consoles and almost every game now supports the feature. Microsoft has been one of the publishers most committed to the feature with almost all of their multiplayer games supporting it.

So, if you are jumping into the backyard and want to join your friends in the survival adventures, this guide should have you covered. Read on below for everything you need to know about Grounded crossplay and cross-platform support.

Grounded Crossplay Support explained

Grounded currently has full crossplay and cross-platform support between PC and Xbox. So, now you are playing the full release of the game, you can play with your friends even if they are on PC or console and vice versa.

This works smoothly between those playing via the Microsoft Store and on Xbox consoles. However, if you are playing on Steam, you will need to use the Xbox companion app to join friends and survive together.

When playing with others online using crossplay, the host is responsible for the save file for that instance, so be sure they save if you don’t want to lose any progress in the backyard. Cross-save is also available between platforms.

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