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Is Gran Turismo 7 VR support coming to PS4?

Before you race off onto the next track with your original PSVR headset, you may be wondering if Gran Turismo 7 VR support is on PS4.

Is Gran Turismo 7 VR support on PS4: 5 cars driving towards camera in Gran Turismo 7

As you plug in the bundle of wires that comes with the original PSVR, and prep your camera, you may want to put the brakes on and find out if Gran Turismo 7 VR support is on PS4. The last game in the series, Gran Turismo Sport, did allow for PSVR. However, the mode was very basic.

With an upcoming update for Gran Turismo 7, the Gran Turismo 7 PSVR 2 release date is approaching. The Gran Turismo 7 VR update is free for owners of the game, but those playing on the last-gen PlayStation 4 may be wondering if they can hop in the driver’s seat and experience the latest Gran Turismo game in virtual reality.

Is Gran Turismo 7 VR support coming to PS4?

Unfortunately, Gran Turismo 7 VR support is not available for the PS4 and original PSVR headset. VR support is exclusive to those playing with a PSVR 2 headset.

It’s a shame that anyone on last-gen will be left in the dust, but with the many additional features that PSVR 2 is capable of, it isn’t a surprise. That means you’ll need to wait until you pick up the new headset before you can experience one of the best PS5 racing games in a new perspective.

That’s all of the news on Gran Turismo 7 PS4 VR support. For those of you who are looking to add new VR games to your PlayStation 4 library, make sure to check out the best PSVR games that you can play right now.