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Logitech PS5 steering wheels are now $120 cheaper on Amazon

The Logitech G29 steering wheel is a fantastic piece of gear, ideal for Gran Turismo 7 and other racing games, and right now it's 30% off.

Logitech PS5 gaming steering wheel, the G29, with foot pedals.

Racing games, such as Gran Turismo 7, have come a long way since their arcade-based origins, but there’s one thing that’s remained integral to the driving experience: a great steering wheel controller. Sure, you can play on a regular PS5 controller – but with 30% off the Logitech G29 gaming wheel at Amazon, why should you have to?

Though it would normally set you back a cool $399.99, the $120 discount means you can get your own PS5 steering wheel and responsive pedals for just $279.99 . That’s a saving of $120 (or £100 in the UK), which could go towards some of the other amazing upcoming PS5 games headed our way this year.

So what makes this wheel so special? Well, using dual-motor force feedback, it creates a realistic and smooth driving experience that makes sliding into the tightest corners a doddle. It also comes with a responsive three-pedal unit that allows you to brake, accelerate, and change gear as you would in an actual car, giving additional control and enjoyment.

No PS5? No problem. Logitech G29 gaming steering wheels are also compatible with the PlayStation 4 and even the PlayStation 3. PC gamers will be pleased to hear that they work with computers, as well.

Buy now

It’s unclear exactly how long this offer will be running, so if you want to add a Logitech steering wheel to your set-up, then grab one now to avoid disappointment.

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