How did Batman die in Gotham Knights?

If you are curious, this article will touch on eactly how Batman died in Gotham Knights. But, be warned there are spoilers below for the game

Gotham Knights How Did Batman Die: Batman can be seen on a screen

It’s well documented that Gotham Knights begins with the death of Batman. But, how did Batman die in Gotham Knights? If you want to know before you play, or if you are just curious, then we will reveal all below. But, be aware, there are big spoilers below. So, only read on if you want to get spoiled for both the beginning and the end of the game.

How did Batman die in Gotham Knights?

Spoiler warning! Batman dies in Gotham Knights at the start of the game fighting Ra’s Al Ghul in the Batcave. This happens when Bruce detonates the Batcave and both individuals die. However, later on, when he is resurrected by the League of Shadows, he dies again, sacrificing himself to destroy the League’s Lazarus Pit and thwart their plans.

So, if Bruce didn’t already have a tough time he ends up dying twice as well, which is the ultimate form of punishment.

Now you know how Batman dies in Gotham Knights you can direct your focus elsewhere, mainly on the new characters in the game, all of which pick up the mantle of protecting Gotham. If you are curious about who you should be playing as you can read our guide on the best character in Gotham Knights.