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Gotham Knights best Momentum Abilities for Nightwing

Having trouble picking the Gotham Knights Best Abilities for Nightwing? Let us help with some suggestions for what to priortise in a fight

Gotham Knights Best Nightwing Abilities: Nightwing can be seen

Deciding the Best Momentum Abilities for Nightwing in Gotham Knights is easier said than done. There are only so many Momentum Abilities to choose from, but in the fray of battle, it’s key to have the best ones at hand at all times.

Moreover, since some of them require you to complete challenges in order to unlock them, it’s hard to know whether or not the time investment is worth it. But don’t fret, as our guide is here to help you spend your time wisely in Gotham Knights, especially considering that there is no shortage of activities on the map.

Gotham Knights Best Momentum Abilities for Nightwing

The best Momentum Abilities for Nightwing in Gotham Knights are:

  • Pounce
  • Speed Boost
  • Dart Storm
  • Whirlwind
  • Nest

Before we begin, diving deeper into each one, as mentioned in the intro, some of the Momentum Abilities need to be unlocked first. Most of them will appear as you progress through the main story, so you don’t have to worry about it — it’s just going to take time. Whether or not you prefer to tackle the main story first and everything secondary later, that’s up to you.

In addition, once it becomes available in the menu (which you can see in your Batcomputer at any time), you may need to do a side task. Always keep an eye on the requirements so you don’t get confused when the ability isn’t available automatically. But, for a more in-depth guide check out our rundown on how to unlock all Momentum Abilities here. Take a look at a deeper breakdown of them below:

Gotham Knights Best Nightwing Abilities: Nightwing can be seen up close

Pounce Momentum Ability

Pounce is, plain and simple, Nightwing’s bread and butter. It might seem simple at first considering it’s the first Momentum Ability you gain access to, but it will soon become an extension of your move set.

This ability is best paired up with skills such as Aerial Bounce, so you can hop on multiple enemies in quick succession. But in and of itself, Pounce is a great option that never fails, see it as an extra attack available, as well as a great way to escape from trouble swiftly and without a scratch.

Speed Boost Momentum Ability

Nightwing is great at acrobatics, and most of his movements are focused on his innate agility and speed. That being said, if you think he needs a little kick to reach new highs, the Speed Boost ability in Gotham Knights is a must.

Every time you use it, Nightwing will move and fight faster for a duration of 15 seconds. Moreover, and this is an important detail, he will also gain more Momentum the further he travels to hit enemies. As such, I recommend activating this ability after you’ve escaped from an enemy group, either as a wait to get closer or to just make the most out of the bonus. Plus, it only costs 1 Momentum bar, so you can use it pretty frequently. Considering that most enemies tend to be fairly slow, or at least slower than Nightwing, this ability does nothing but improve things further.

Gotham Knights Best Nightwing Abilities: Nightwing can be seen attacking an enemy

Dart Storm Momentum Ability

Nightwing doesn’t have fire weapons, and most likely never will, but Dart Storm is the closer it gets. This Momentum Ability lets him shoot multiple darts, which not only damage enemies but also lowers their Elemental Effect resistance – perfect to pair up with darts that already have an elemental buff attached to them.

The funny part is the animation itself, as the “fire rate” of the darts increases exponentially. If you’re being surrounded by a group and want to damage as many of them as possible in one go, this ability is perfect for the job.

Whirlwind Momentum Ability

If you’re a fan of Goro Majima’s Breaker Style in Yakuza 0, or if you just want to see Nightwing hitting the floor, the Whirlwind ability is as peculiar as it is helpful. When you use it, the hero will start spinning around while throwing his escrima sticks, dealing damage to all enemies as long as they’re within range.

It provides a great way to escape from trouble, or just attack as many enemies as possible. We recommend pairing this up with some escrima sticks that have an element attached to them, so you’re maximizing your damage as much as possible.

Nest Momentum Ability

Now here is an interesting one. Nightwing’s Nest can be considered his ultimate Momentum Ability, and it’s the only one with a full-on five-minute cooldown. But there is a good reason: Whenever you use it, the “nest” around Nightwing grants him a defence bonus, heals him over time, and also inflicts damage over time to any enemies that set foot in it. Oh, and did I mention that both buffs also apply to your teammate if you’re playing co-op?

Nest is an excellent ability for tough encounters and especially boss fights whenever you’re stuck, as it’s sure to turn the tide. Five minutes is a long time for a cooldown, however, so knowing when to use is just part of it. That being said, it lasts for 20 seconds, which is quite enough time to recover yourself when you need to.

Those are the best Momentum Abilities for Nightwing! Once more, don’t worry if you don’t see some of the aforementioned abilities available right away — just focus on the main story, and brace yourself for the occasional challenge that you may need to complete in return. That is all you need to know for the time being. That being said, Momentum Abilities are merely one of the many aspects Nightwing. The more you dive into the game, the more tools you’ll gain access to that are key to character progression, whether blueprints for armour and weapons or mods to customize your gear further.

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