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Gotham Knights best skills for Batgirl

Get some suggestions for the best skills for Batgirl in Gotham Knights if you plan to take the character into Gotham and make her your main hero you play as

Gotham Knights Best Batgirl Skills: Batgirl can be seen swinging her Tonfa

If you are jumping in as Barbara in Gotham Knights you may look at her skill trees and wonder what you should buy as soon as you can. Well, to save you from stewing over the four different trees we have found what we think are some of the best skills. So, to see our recommendations, read below for our best skills for Batgirl in Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights best skills for Batgirl

The best skills for Batgirl in Gotham Knights are:

  • Unflinching Heavy Strike
  • Heavyweight
  • Second Wind
  • Vigilante Resolve
  • Sense of Victory

As all of these abilities are a part of batgirl’s basic trees you won’t need to complete the Knighthood Challenges. But, you will still need to grind a little bit to get enough points. However, don’t focus exclusively on these as there may be a few you like not here. However, these are generally the best ones in the game.

Take a deeper dive into each of them below:

Gotham Knights Best Batgirl Skills: Batgirl can be seen walking

Unflinching Heavy Strike Skill

Found in the Grit tree, the Unflinching Heavy Strike skill is one of the better ones to grab early as being knocked out of attacks is never fun.

This stops that from happening completely and means that you can perform heavy melee attacks with Batgirl and continue to pummel away on an enemy while being surrounded. It definitely isn’t a crutch you want to rely on, but its undoubtedly handy.

Heavyweight Skill

Heavyweight is our second choice as it increases Batgirl’s base damage and she is all about brute force melee attacks. It also helps buildup stun on enemies which is key for making the most of the character as she really shines with elemental effects.

So, make sure to work your way towards this skill in the Justice tree as soon as you can.

Gotham Knights Best Batgirl Skills: Batgirl can be seen preparing to attack an enemy

Second Wind skill

Second Wind is basically the best skill for anyone in the game across all four characters. Giving you a self-revive that restores 50% of your health it is an incredibly strong and absolute must-have skill.

It will be what you rely on, especially in the latter half of the game where the difficulty spikes significantly and it becomes a lot harder.

Vigilante Resolve Skill

Vigilante Resolve. There isn’t much to say here, it just lets you do the above twice.

And, I mean who can’t have enough of a good thing?

Sense of Victory Skill

Finally, Sense of Victory is one of the more subtle skills in Gotham Knights but it is actually incredibly strong. With this skill, every kill you get will restore 4% of your health (which is a lot) and every grab strike or takedown will restore 8% of your health.

Just reading it you can see why it is an absolute must-have skill. But, with the difficulty spiking as you reach the max level and complete the many missions in the story, it can be a significant help.

Batgirl leans almost entirely on her melee combat abilities which is why we have suggested them here. Unlocks in her Oracle tree can be helpful, but generally hacking just isn’t the way you want to play Gotham Knights. In addition, while her Knighthood mobility boost is great, the skill tree is fairly lacklustre.

The skills here do give you some great boosts to your Drone, but you want to prioritise melee combat first. And, Second Wind should be where your attention is initially due to its unmatched strength.

With these best Batgirl skills in Gotham Knights, you should be more than capable of tackling large groups of enemies and cleaning up Gotham’s streets. For more help and tips on the game, check out our Gotham Knights walkthrough which is packed full of useful information and guides.