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God of War Ragnarok Muspelheim Seeds locations

Get a look at all the God of War Ragnarok Muspelheim Seeds locations to figure out where you can grab them and access the realm of fire

God of War Ragnarok Muspelheim Seeds: Kratos can be seen in Musperheim

The God of War Ragnarok Muspelheim Seeds locations are key to getting access to the realm before you get there in the main campaign. But, where about are they and how many of them are there in the game?

Thankfully, after spending dozens of hours in the nine realms, we will save you searching around Svartlefheim for both of them, as we have their locations. So, to get an answer to where to find them in the realms in the game, access the land of fire, and complete the trials there, read below.

God of War Ragnarok Muspelheim Seeds locations

The two Muspelheim Seeds in God of War Ragnarok can be found at Modvitnir’s Rig and Dragon Beach in Svartlefheim. The seed at Modvitnir’s Rig can be found early in the game, but for the Dragon Beach one, you will need to unlock and get the Draupnir Spear.

The exact locations for each can be seen below in images, but the more detailed locations can be found below:

Modvitnir’s Rig seed location: After docking at Modvitnir’s Rig, climb up to the top of the wooden structure and open the Legendary Chest to find the seed part.

Dragon Beach seed location: After unlocking the Draupnir Spear at the start of act 3 of the story, climb up the chain on your left and throw a spear into the slot on the beam. Once at the top, swing across to the central bridge and walk down it. Take the cave on the left and use the bomb on the Legendary Chest. Open it to find the second part of the seed.

And, if you want a video guide, this walkthrough from ‘HarryNinetyFour‘ will take you through where to find them.

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With the God of War Ragnarok Muspelheim Seeds locations, you can now visit the realm if you want to get there before you reach the realm in the main campaign. If you are looking for more help, information, and tips as you progress through the game, check out our God of War Ragnarok walkthrough.