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God of War Ragnarok missions and quests list

Are you looking for an overview of the God of War Ragnarok missions list? Here is every single core quest, as well as side objectives and missions

God of War Ragnarok Missions List: Thor and Kratos can be seen fighting

If you are hopping into God of War Ragnarok, you may be curious about just how many core story missions there are. And, if you are a completionist, you definitely want to know how many side quests and Favours there are in the game. Thankfully, this guide will help you out with the full God of War Ragnarok missions and quest list.

But, instead of just providing you with a simple list of the core missions, we have also detailed the side quests or Favours, and which ones are a part of the main quest called ‘The Path. This should help you on your way to completing the game and finishing all there is to do in the realms.

God of War Ragnarok missions list

God of War Ragnarok has 12 main story missions that form the core campaign and 47 side quests or Favours. These quests all range in length, but generally each main quest is around one to three hours long, and each favour ranges from an hour to 90 minutes.

You can find the full list of all the missions below:

  • Surviving Fimbulwinter (The Path)
  • The Quest For Tyr (The Path)
  • Groa’s Secret (The Path)
  • The Reckoning (The Path)
  • The World Of Fate (The Path)
  • Forging Destiny (The Path)
  • Reunion (The Path)
  • Creatures Of Prophecy (The Path)
  • Hunting For Solace (The Path)
  • The Summoning (The Path)
  • The Realms At War (The Path)
  • Beyond Ragnarok (The Path)
  • In Service of Asgard (Svartalfheim Favour)
  • The Weight of Chains (Svartalfheim Favour)
  • Spirit of Rebellion (Svartalfheim Favour)
  • A Viking Funeral (Svartalfheim Favour)
  • The Lost Treasure (Svartalfheim Favour)
  • Secret of The Sands (Alfheim Favour)
  • Song of The Sands (Alfheim Favour)
  • The Elven Sanctum (Alfheim Favour)
  • The Desert Door (Alfheim Favour)
  • Freyr’s Gift (Alfheim Favour)
  • Garden For The Dead (Vanaheim Favour)
  • The Mysterious Orb (Vanaheim Favour)
  • Freya’s Missing Peace (Vanaheim Favour)
  • Scent of Survival (Vanaheim Favour)
  • Nocturnal Predator (Vanaheim Favour)
  • In The Dead of Night (Vanaheim Favour)
  • Path of Destruction (Vanaheim Favour)
  • Quaking Hollow (Vanaheim Favour)
  • The Burning Skies (Vanaheim Favour)
  • In Plain Sight (Vanaheim Favour)
  • For Vanaheim (Vanaheim Favour)
  • Conscience For The Dead (Vanaheim Favour)
  • Cure For The Dead (Vanaheim Favour)
  • Trail of The Dead (Vanaheim Favour)
  • What Lies Below (Vanaheim Favour)
  • Return of The River (Vanaheim Favour)
  • Casualty of War: The Brooch (Vanaheim Favour)
  • Casualty Of War: The Scroll (Vanaheim Favour)
  • Casualty of War: The Hourglass (Vanaheim Favour)
  • Casualty of War: The Stein (Vanaheim Favour)
  • Casualty of War: The Toy (Vanaheim Favour)
  • Animal Instincts (Midgard Favour)
  • Sigrun’s Curse (Midgard Favour)
  • Guiding Light (Midgard Favour)
  • Defend Your Valour (Muspelheim Favour)
  • The Crucible (Muspelheim Favour)
  • The Final Challenges (Muspelheim Favour)
  • The Broken Prison (Niflheim Favour)
  • The Eyes of Odin (Favour)
  • The Lost Lindwyrms (Favour)
  • A Stag For All Seasons (Favour)
  • Across The Realms (Favour)
  • Born From Fire (Favour)
  • Hel To Pay (Favour)
  • Nine Realms In Bloom (Favour)
  • The Last Remnants of Asgard (Favour)
  • Fit For A King (Favour)

Now that you are prepared, you can begin continuing the main story with the game’s characters or making your way through the God of War Ragnarok missions list and completing some of these side Favours. For more guides to help you out as you are gearing up and upgrading armour to take on these quests, check out our God of War Ragnarok walkthrough which is packed full of guides.