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God of War Ragnarok ending explained

If you have reached the end of Santa Monica Studio's latest game and want to know what it all means, this God of War Ragnarok ending explained guide is for you

God of War Ragnarok Ending Explained: Odin can be seen

So, if you have rolled credits on God of War Ragnarok, or just discovered the secret ending, then you may be wondering what everything you just saw means. What is the future of the franchise? Where does the series go from here? This God of War Ragnarok ending explained guide will go over all of those questions and talk you through what might be next.

Of course, there will be major spoilers in this article. So, if you don’t want key moments of the story to be spoiled for you, we suggest waiting until you have finished the game and completed all the missions.

God of War Ragnarok ending explained

At the end of God of War Ragnarok, after defeating Odin, Atreus traps his soul inside a marble and Sindri teleports in and destroys it as revenge for Odin killing Brok. As Ragnarok begins destroying Asgard, Angrboda warps the crew out of Asgard, as Freyr sacrifices himself to hold off the realm-destroying beast.

From there, Atreus wakes back up in Midgard and walks up a set of ruins passing characters like Thrud, Faye, Eir, Mimir, and others in the process, checking in on them and reflecting on the long journey they have all been on. Once at the top of the mountain, Atreus greets Angrboda and discusses the visions of the giants Atreus has apparently had.

Stewing over how to tell Kratos that he needs to go off on his own journey from here on out, Angrboda shows Kratos and Atreus a shrine, a shrine which depicts Faye destroying Atreus’ shrine in Jotunheim, going against the giants, and ultimately her passing at the beginning of God of War (2018). The reason behind Faye destroying their shrine is it allowed them to forge their own path, oblivious to prophecy and fate.

Atreus then mentions he wishes to go and find the other giants in the nine realms and that he needs to go off on the journey himself, alone. Kratos then tells Atreus to go and find the giants as Kratos has done all he can in looking after Atreus and preparing him.

After sharing a hug and a loving moment, we watch Atreus leave Kratos, say one last goodbye to Angrboda and then disappear up a cliff, on his own journey.

As Kratos closes up the shrine, he discovers a second side, on the back of it which he opens up. Here he sees Faye detailing his path, from leaving the Greek pantheon of gods, travelling to the Norse ones, and raising Atreus. But, the final part of that shrine predicts Kratos’ future, a future where he as a god is worshipped and beloved.

Overcome with emotion, in shock that he has seen a path ahead that finally allows him to see himself as not a monster and a creature of destruction. It seemingly provides him with hope for the future. Kratos shuts the shrine, joins Freya and Mimir and begins setting off on the next stage of his journey.

While that is the main ending of the game, there is also a secret ending you can get by talking to Lunda at Sindri’s House. She will give you a quest to go to Brok’s funeral in Svartlefheim. Upon reaching the spot, you will pay your last respects to Brok and Sindri will join you before disappearing again to mourn.

And, that wraps up what the ending of God of War Ragnarok means. As for the future, we don’t know where the franchise will go from here. We could see a spin-off game focusing on Atreus’ journey to find the remaining giants, or we could see Kratos move on from the Norse pantheon of gods elsewhere. Either way, it’s still clear that there is still a long road ahead for the series of games, despite this one closing out the Norse era.

And there you have it, that is our God of War Ragnarok ending explained guide. If like us, you are still looking to wrap up some of the collectibles in the game and clear all the quests then check out our God of War Ragnarok walkthrough for tips and guides to help you out.