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Genshin Impact TCG Elemental Reactions

Looking to dive into the Genshin Impact TCG card game? Here’s everything you need to know about the Genshin Impact TCG Elemental Reactions!

Genshin Impact TCG Elemental Reactions: Xingqui and Mona TCG cards. Two excellent Elemental applicators.

If you’ve played the new Genius Invokation TCG in Genshin Impact then you’ll no doubt be aware that it features the same Elemental Reaction system that defines the traditional combat system. Understanding the Genshin Impact TCG Elemental Reactions is key to optimising your damage and maximising your chances of success.

Alongside having a firm grasp of the Elemental Reactions at play, it’s also important to have an overview of the new Genshin Impact TCG card game Genius Invokation, including how it works and what rewards are available. Looking ahead, there’s a lot of Genshin Impact characters that could potentially make it into Genius Invokation TCG and shake up the experience.

Genshin Impact TCG Elemental Reactions in Genius Invokation

Taking advantage of the many Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG is central to improving your damage and odds of success. When different Elements that can trigger an Elemental Reaction are applied to the same Character Card, an Elemental Reaction will occur. There are several different potential Reactions, each with their own effects:

Elemental Reaction Elements Needed Effect
Vaporize Pyro + Hydro Deal +2 DMG to the affected target
Melt Pyro + Cryo Deal +2 DMG to the affected target
Electro-Charged Electro + Hydro Deal +1 DMG to the target character and 1 Piercing DMG to all other opposing characters
Overloaded Electro + Pyro Deal an additional +2 DMG when triggered and, when targeting the opposing active character, forces them to switch to the next character
Superconduct Electro + Cryo Deal +1 DMG to the target character and 1 Piercing DMG to all other opposing characters
Frozen Hydro + Cryo Deals +1 DMG and the target is affected with the Frozen status. Freezing the opponent’s active card will prevent it from using Skills until the end of the round. When the Frozen target receives Pyro or Physical DMG, they will receive +2 DMG and remove the Frozen status early
Burning Dendro + Pyro  Deal +1 DMG and create a Burning Flame that deals 1 Pyro DMG at the end of the phase, with a maximum of two stacks
Bloom Dendro + Hydro Deal +1 DMG and create a Dendro Core that deals +2 DMG when followed by Electro or Pyro DMG to trigger the effect
Quicken Dendro + Electro Deal +1 DMG and create a Catalyzing Field that deals +1 DMG when followed by Electro or Dendro DMG to trigger the effect, with a maximum of three uses
Swirl Anemo + Pyro/Electro/Hydro/Cryo Spreads the reacted Element to deal +1 Swirled Elemental DMG to all opposing characters barring the target
Crystalize Geo + Pyro/Electro/Hydro/Cryo  Deal +1 DMG and grant a 1 point Shield to your active character

Each Elemental Reaction has its own merits. For example, using Electro-Charged, Superconduct, or Swirl Reactions are great for damaging multiple of your opponent’s cards at once, whereas Overloaded, Vaporize, and Melt are better suited to high single-target damage. Frozen is an excellent crowd-control status effect option, giving you the ability to prevent an enemy from attacking which could save you in a pinch. On the other hand, Crystalize is great for when you need a little extra defence.

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