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Genshin Impact ‘Endless Suffering’ trailer showcases how hench Qiqi is

Xiao and Venti finally get their moment in the Genshin Impact 'Endless Suffering' trailer, while Qiqi shows why players of HoYo's ARPG can't underestimate her

Genshin Impact Endless Suffering trailer: Qiqi

A new Genshin Impact trailer has arrived, and once again Xiao’s going through it as we grow ever closer to Lantern Rite. Although developer HoYoverse has centred the short on the sole surviving Yaksha, there are plenty of notable appearances from some of the ARPG’s best-loved characters – and Qiqi.

While players will certainly be hoping to pull Xiao over Qiqi on their Genshin Impact 3.4 banners pulls, the ‘Endless Suffering’ trailer does allow the misunderstood Cryo support to display a morsel of her true power.

During the short, Xiao is quite literally fighting his demons, though it transpires he’s in a dream within a dream. He eventually awakens from both, finding himself in Baizhu’s care. “You’re just in time for the Lantern Rite”, Baizhu notes, before Qiqi pops up from beside the bed to deliver the earth-shattering news that she carried Xiao to Bubu Pharmacy on her back.

That’s right, the 4’ 7” zombie girl hauled the fearsome warrior off the battlefield, and away to safety. Granted, Xiao is a short king, coming in at just 5’ 3”, but nonetheless it is no small feat to lug someone considerably taller than you around. As such, Qiqi’s not only proven that she deserves to be higher on our Genshin Impact tier list due to her exceptional supporting of the main DPS, but also because she can solo carry in clutch situations.

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Despite now being awake, Xiao continues envisioning his masked form, leaving Baizhu and Qiqi’s care. From there he roams Liyue, before stumbling upon Venti. The carefree bard invites Xiao for a drink, which he declines, leaving the god to ponder: “it’s good to take the mask off once in a while… even just for one night.” Whether this refers to both Genshin Impact characters remains to be seen, though there could be dark times ahead for Venti, too.

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