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Genshin Impact Alhaitham best build, artifacts, stat priority, weapon

Find out the best Genshin Impact Alhaitham build to get the most out of this stylish new Dendro DPS, including artifacts, team compositions, and more.

Alhaitham, an Akademiya Scribe and member of the Haravatat of the Sumeru Akademiya, is the newest character to arrive in Genshin Impact. With his sense of style and cunning personality, it’s no surprise that he’s quickly become a fan-favorite character. What’s more, Alhaitham is a Dendro sword user, making him a valuable asset to your account given the limited Dendro roster of characters to choose from. You’ll want to make sure you have the best Genshin Impact Alhaitham build to take full advantage of his power.

Alhaitham is not the only powerful character in the Genshin Impact 3.4 banners. There are several other characters you might be wanting to get your hands on if you’ve got the Primogems to spare, including everyone’s favorite anxious Anemo boy, Xiao. Check out where they rank in our Genshin Impact tier list of best characters. Throughout this guide, you’ll learn the best artifact sets for Alhaitham in Genshin Impact, as well as his stat and talent priorities, alongside his best weapons and ideal team compositions.

Genshin Impact Alhaitham best build

To give a brief overview of the best Genshin Impact Alhaitham build, here is what you’re going to want:

  • Artifacts: Gilded Dreams four-piece set
  • Stat priority: Elemental Mastery, ATK%, Crit Rate/Damage, and Energy Recharge
  • Talent priority: Elemental Skill, then Normal Attack and Elemental Burst
  • Weapon: Light of Foliar Incision (Iron Sting as an F2P option)
  • Team Comps: Alhaitham, Nahida, Yelan/Xingqiu, Kuki Shinobu or Alhaitham, Raiden Shogun, Yelan/Xingqiu, Yaoyao

Below you’ll find our full breakdown of each recommendation, as well as example team comps that Alhaitham excels in.

Genshin Impact Alhaitham build best artifacts

Alhaitham’s best artifact set is Gilded Dreams, available in the Spire of Solitary Enlightenment Domain in Sumeru. Gilded Dreams is Alhaitham’s best artifact set because it increases his Elemental Mastery significantly, and potentially even his ATK. Since Alhaitham scales based on his Elemental Mastery stat, increasing this stat will also boost his overall damage. Furthermore, since many Alhaitham build team comps will run two Dendro characters, the other Dendro character will use Deepwood Memories instead.

Artifact Effect
Genshin Impact Gilded Dreams ArtifactGilded Dreams

Two-piece set: Elemental Mastery +80.

Four-piece set: Within eight seconds of triggering an Elemental Reaction, the character equipping this set will obtain buffs based on the Elemental Type of the other party members. ATK is increased by 14% for each member whose Elemental Type is the same as the equipping characters, and Elemental Mastery is increased by 50 for every member with a different Elemental Type. Each of the buffs will count up to three characters. This effect can be triggered once every eight seconds and even when not on the field.

Genshin Impact Deepwood Memories Artifact set.Deepwood Memories

Two-piece set: Dendro DMG Bonus +15%.

Four-piece set: After Elemental Skills or Bursts hit opponents, the target’s Dendro Resistance will be decreased by 30% for eight seconds. This effect can be triggered even if the equipping character is off-field.

Genshin Impact Gilded Dreams ArtifactGilded Dreams

Genshin Impact Wanderer's Troupe Artifact set.Wanderer’s Troupe

Two-piece set: Elemental Mastery +80.

Two-piece set: Elemental Mastery +80.

Alhaitham is a five-star Dendro sword user, specialising in high on-field Dendro damage through his unique abilities, namely his Chisel-Light Mirrors. He’ll spend much of his time on-field, managing up-time on his Chisel-Light Mirrors to deal damage and apply Dendro.

While Gilded Dreams is Alhaitham’s best artifact set, there are other options when making a strong Genshin Impact Alhaitham build. If Alhaitham is the only Dendro character in your party, then Deepwood Memories is the best choice, since it provides an invaluable Dendro RES debuff to enemies. Combining the two-piece bonuses of any Elemental Mastery two-piece sets can also work, such as Gilded Dreams and Wanderer’s Troupe. This provides a boost to Alhaitham’s Elemental Mastery and therefore his overall damage output, though Gilded Dreams will outperform this combination.

Genshin Impact Alhaitham build best stat priority

Alhaitham’s stat priority is Elemental Mastery, ATK%, Crit Rate/Damage, and Energy Recharge. Since Alhaitham scales on his Elemental Mastery and excels in Dendro reaction teams, such as Hyperbloom, increasing his Elemental Mastery will never be a bad choice for boosting his overall damage output. Likewise, ATK% and Crit Rate/Damage stats are also desired to increase his damage as a main on-field damage dealer to create the best Genshin Impact Alhaitham build possible.

Slot Main Stat Sub Stat
Flower HP Elemental Mastery > ATK% > Crit Rate/Damage
Feather ATK Elemental Mastery > ATK% > Crit Rate/Damage
Sands Elemental Mastery Energy Recharge > ATK% > Crit Rate/Damage
Goblet Dendro DMG Bonus Elemental Mastery > ATK% > Crit Rate/Damage
Circlet Crit Rate/Damage Elemental Mastery > ATK% > Crit Rate/Damage

Since Alhaitham’s Elemental Burst is costly and his Energy generation can be unreliable at times, increasing Energy Recharge is also a must. However, you don’t want to go overboard at the expense of the other priority stats. Aim for around 140-160 Energy Recharge to hit the sweet spot on Alhaitham’s Elemental Burst recharge.

Genshin Impact Alhaitham build best talent priority

Alhaitham’s talent priority is Elemental Skill, followed by Normal Attack and Elemental Burst.

The majority of Alhaitham’s damage comes from his Elemental Skill, which infuses his Normal Attacks with Dendro damage and generates Chisel-Light Mirrors. Levelling this talent first should be a priority to increase his maximum damage output. From here, levelling his Normal Attack and Elemental Burst next will bump up the damage of these skills. While not the main source of his damage in this Alhaitham build, they’re certainly no slouch and are integral to his rotation and playstyle.

Genshin Impact Alhaitham build best weapons

Alhaitham’s best weapon is Light of Foliar Incision. Alhaitham’s signature weapon is no doubt his best-in-slot weapon because it massively boosts Crit DMG with its bonus stat, while its main effect increases Crit Rate and the damage of both his Normal Attacks and Elemental Skill, based on Elemental Mastery. Since Alhaitham wants lots of Elemental Mastery already, he’ll be primed to take full advantage of this powerful weapon.

Weapon Effect
Genshin Impact Light of Foliar Incision sword.Light of Foliar Incision

Whitemoon Bristle

CRIT Rate is increased by 4%. After Normal Attacks deal Elemental DMG, the Foliar Incision effect will be obtained, increasing DMG dealt by Normal Attacks and Elemental Skills by 120% of Elemental Mastery. This effect will disappear after 28 DMG instances or 12 seconds. You can obtain Foliar Incision once every 12 seconds.

Genshin Impact Primordial Jade CutterPrimordial Jade Cutter

Protector’s Virtue

HP increased by 20%. Additionally, provides an ATK Bonus based on 1.2% of the wielder’s Max HP.

Genshin Impact Mistsplitter ReforgedMistsplitter Reforged

Mistsplitter’s Edge

Gain a 12% Elemental DMG Bonus for a character’s Elemental Type. At stacks 1/2/3, Elemental DMG is further increased by 8/16/28%. Each stack has an individual duration and are gotten through:

  • Normal Attacks with Elemental DMG (duration 5 seconds)
  • Casting an Elemental Burst (duration 10 seconds)
  • Having less than 100% Energy (disappears at full Energy)
Genshin Impact Haran Gappaku FutsuHaran Geppaku Futsu

Honed Flow

Obtain 12% All Elemental DMG Bonus. When other nearby party members use Elemental Skills, the character equipping this weapon will gain one Wavespike stack. Maximum of two stacks. This effect can be triggered once every 0.3 seconds. When the character equipping this weapon uses an Elemental Skill, all stacks of Wavespike will be consumed to gain Rippling Upheaval: each stack of Wavespike consumed will increase Normal Attack DMG by 20% for eight seconds.

Genshin Impact Toukabou Shigure sword.Toukabou Shigure

Kaidan: Rainfall Earthbinder

After an attack hits opponents, it will inflict an instance of Cursed Parasol upon one of them for 10 seconds. This effect can be triggered once every 15 seconds. If this opponent is defeated during Cursed Parasol’s duration, Cursed Parasol’s Cooldown will be refreshed immediately. The character wielding this weapon will deal 16% more DMG to the opponent affected by Cursed Parasol.

Genshin Impact Iron StingIron Sting

Infusion Stinger

Dealing Elemental DMG increases all DMG by 6% for six seconds. Max two stacks. Can occur once every second.

While Light of Foliar Incision is by far Alhaitham’s best weapon, there are several other weapons that work well if you have access to them, including some great F2P alternatives.

Toukabou Shigure is the best free-to-play option, though the event in which it was acquired has since ended. Nevertheless, if you do have access to Toukabou Shigure, it’s an excellent alternative to his signature weapon. With an Elemental Mastery bonus stat, Toukabou Shigure is already a powerful choice, but the weapon’s unique effect only makes it more appealing. Toukabou Shigure will increase the damage Alhaitham will deal to the target affected by the weapon’s curse by a staggering 16%.

If you don’t have access to Toukabou Shigure, then Iron Sting will be your best free-to-play option. Iron Sting will also boost Elemental Mastery through its bonus stat, but its main effect will increase Alhaitham’s overall damage by up to 12% upon dealing Elemental DMG.

While five-star weapons are hard to come by, there are several superb options. Primordial Jade Cutter, Mistsplitter Reforged, and Haran Geppaku Futsu are all extremely powerful weapons in Alhaitham’s hands, serving to massively increase his damage output.

Genshin Impact Alhaitham build best team comps

There are many Alhaitham team comps that you can create, though Alhaitham will mostly always act as the main on-field DPS, dishing out heavy Dendro DMG. Alhaitham also makes great use of Dendro-based Element Reactions, namely Hyperbloom team comps. If you’re wanting the best Genshin Impact Alhaitham build, here are the best Alhaitham team compositions:

Character Role
Alhaitham Main on-field DPS


Nahida will provide significant off-field damage and utility through her Elemental Skill. Furthermore, her Elemental Burst will increase Alhaitham’s Elemental Mastery even further, boosting his overall damage. Lastly, as a Dendro character, can also act as an Energy battery for Alhaitham to quickly get his Elemental Burst back.



Yelan and Xingqiu fill much the same role, serving as extremely powerful off-field Hydro DPS characters through their Elemental Skills and Bursts. Hydro will also react with Dendro to cause Bloom reactions.

Kuki Shinobu

Sub-DPS and Support

Kuki Shinobu has a double purpose in this team: a sub-DPS to trigger the Hyperbloomo reaction on Dendro Cores, and a healer through her Elemental Skill.

This is Alhaitham’s premier team, capitalising on his Dendro and Elemental Mastery capabilities to create a devastating Hyperbloom team. Alhaitham will serve as the main on-field DPS, using his Elemental Skill and Burst to deal heavy Dendro damage. Meanwhile, Nahida will deal great AoE damage off-field, further increase Alhaitham’s Elemental Mastery, and provide valuable Dendro Energy Particles to Alhaitham to recharge his Burst. Yelan or Xingqiu will offer high off-field damage while also applying Hydro to opponents to generate Dendro Cores which Kuki Shinobu can then trigger off-field to create the deadly Hyperbloom reaction. Kuki will also be your team’s healer, though you’ll have to watch her HP to avoid a grisly fate.

Character Role
Alhaitham Main on-field DPS
Raiden Shogun


Raiden Shogun is one of the best characters in the game. Raiden will trigger the Hyperbloom reaction from off-field while also dealing significant Electro damage. Furthermore, Raiden also provides an invaluable Energy buff to your entire team.



Yelan and Xingqiu fill much the same role, serving as extremely powerful off-field Hydro DPS characters through their Elemental Skills and Bursts. Hydro will also react with Dendro to cause Bloom reactions.



Yaoyao will act as a Dendro Energy Particle battery for Alhaitham while also providing healing for your team.

This is an alternative Hyperbloom Alhaitham build team composition. It makes use of Raiden’s excellent off-field Electro damage and Energy generation to support Alhaitham as the main on-field DPS. Yelan or Xingqiu will once again provide off-field damage and Hydro application to create Dendro Cores for Raiden to trigger the Hyperbloom reaction. This team also uses Yaoyao, the other new Dendro character added alongside Alhaitham. Yaoyao will be a battery for Alhaitham and provide valuable healing to the team.

Character Role
Alhaitham Main on-field DPS

Bountiful Core Generator

Nilou’s unique skill is turning Dendro Cores into more powerful Bountiful Cores. This team is impossible without Nilou.

Nahida/Dendro Traveler/Yaoyao


These Dendro characters will provide valuable Dendro particles and off-field damage and Dendro application. Moreover, having two Dendro characters will activate Dendro Resonance, increasing Elemental Mastery.



Kokomi is the best healer currently in the game, so she’ll keep Alhaitham alive as the Bountiful Cores explode around him. She will also provide off-field Hydro application to generate Cores. Barbara is a F2P alternative, though not nearly as strong.

This is a very unique Alhaitham build team composition, making use of Nilou’s Bountiful Cores to deal significant damage in AoE situations. Alhaitham will act as the main Dendro applicator and on-field DPS, while another Dendro character will provide Dendro Particles and additional damage. Nilou is only here to activate her Elemental Skill to initiate the generation of Bountiful Cores. The support slot will be taken by Kokomi (or Barbara for F2P players) to keep the team alive as the Cores explode and deal damage to Alhaitham. Kokomi can also provide great off-field DPS and Hydro application to help with the generation of Cores.

And that’s the best Genshin Impact Alhaitham build available right now. As always, we’ll be sure to keep this guide updated as new builds and compositions arise. In the meantime, check out a powerful Genshin Impact Xiao build, the other five-star character accompanying Alhaitham in the 3.4 banners.