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Forza Motorsport may arrive at the Xbox start line later than expected

Forza Motorsport is set to race onto Xbox consoles this year, but while the Xbox Developer Direct accelerated hype for it, the upcoming racer may face delays.

A formula 1 car in Forza Motorsport on Xbox

Forza Motorsport marks the next generation of racing glory for the long-running franchise. Heading to Xbox consoles from developer Turn 10 Studios, Forza Motorsport offers lean racing sim excitement, but we may have to wait even longer till we can turn on the ignition. Despite a promising Xbox Developer Direct showcase, fresh rumours indicate that the Forza Motorsport release date will arrive later than we thought.

Last June, the game was featured in a previous Xbox and Bethesda showcase, confirming a Spring 2023 release window. This has since changed. The recent Xbox Developer Direct showcase revealed that Forza Motorsport is simply “Coming 2023.” Speculation around a definite date has been rife, but now GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb claims that the date is later than many will have anticipated.

According to Grubb via the Games Mess podcast, he alleges that “the time frame I’m hearing for Forza is like Q3, and maybe even a little bit later than that.” This would suggest that Forza Motorsport will release between July and September if it was to shift into a Q3 launch window. Furthermore, should developer Turn 10 Studios opt for an even later release, Q4 would take us from October through to November.

The developer is yet to confirm whether this is the case.

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Forza Motorsport appears to be the most ambitious entry yet. Boasting over 500 vehicles in-game, you’re going to want to keep an eye on the Forza Motorsport cars list to nail which vehicles you’re keen to rev up. The game’s first trailer already set expectations high, with stunning visual fidelity and superb sound design, just like Forza Horizon 5 before it.

And you won’t be racing alone either. Forza Motorsport multiplayer is back, with a whole new set of tricks. We’re looking forward to many evenings of voice chat arguments as we speed toward first place. Wondering ‘is Forza Motorsport on Game Pass?‘ We’ve put together everything you need to know.

The forthcoming racer is undoubtedly a highly anticipated release, but until it arrives, check out all the Xbox Game Pass February 2023 games to keep you occupied.