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Does Fortnite have proximity chat?

Did that enemy squad really outplay you, or can they actually hear your plans? That depends on whether Fortnite has proximity chat or not

Fortnite Proximity Chat: Jonesy holding his thumb up towards the camera

Proximity chat is becoming a big thing in games, especially extraction shooters or battle royales, but does Fortnite have proximity chat too? Many players are likely to turn their in-game microphones off, especially if they’re playing solo or with friends on a third-party application.

When you’re dropping into the best Fortnite landing spots and searching for Fortnite Oathbound Chests, it’s unlikely a question you’ll think of. That is, until you start checking out the Fortnite Hot Spots locations and feel like the enemies know your exact move. However, are enemies able to hear your plans with your squad, or are they simply coincidences?

Does Fortnite have proximity chat?

There’s currently no proximity chat in Fortnite, however, there could be one in the near future according to leaks.

After a recent update, Epic Games have started a beta test for the feature, according to BeastFNCreative on Twitter. There’s no indication on when this test will start or whether you have to apply to join it or not.

The only use of proximity chat in Epic Games’ popular battle royale was when they released an update for the Among Us-like mode, Impostors, back in early 2022. However, that mode has since been vaulted, leaving the mechanic without a home. At least, for now.

Some of you are likely hoping for Epic Games to bring proximity chat to Fortnite in the core modes, such as Battle Royale and Zero Build, especially with the success of Warzone 2. While it isn’t coming for now, there’s plenty to enjoy in one of the best battle royale games right now, especially the Fortnite Augments system which drastically changes how each match plays out.