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Fortnite Lock-On pistol nerf needed as aerialist augment is useless

The latest Fortnite update for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 introduces the Lock-On Pistol and it's already due a big nerf in the Epic Games battle royale game.

Jonesy looking at the Lock-On Pistol in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

We thought that the Havoc Mythic Pump Shotgun was a deadly threat in Fortnite, but a new weapon has emerged on the island to dethrone it. The Lock-On Pistol is a new addition for sidearm fans in the Epic Games battle royale, giving players the ability to pulverise their enemies with frightening accuracy. While it may be an instant favourite for many players, the Lock-On Pistol is already in need of a nerf to balance out the Fortnite meta.

Dropping into a game of Fortnite will undoubtedly see you meet the Lock-On Pistol face-to-face as a pesky foe wields it to take you down. Found in chests, ground loot, and supply drops, Fortnite players like ‘SadMaybe3437’ claim that “the new Lock-On Pistol is busted.” The Redditor displays the pistol’s devastating firepower, which takes less than five seconds to confirm its desired target and unleash of bullet barrage you won’t be able to escape from.

With an aimbot-like quality built into it, the Fortnite Lock-On Pistol can also find campers hiding in bushes, which might actually be a good thing for those of you trying to clutch it up in the final circle. However, if you’re on the receiving end of the pistol’s damage output, be warned that gliding using rifts and augments like Aerialist will increase your chances of elimination.

The new lock on pistol is busted
by u/SadMaybe3437 in FortNiteBR

Yet, the pistol does have one downside that could prove to be a useful disadvantage to exploit in the heat of battle. While aiming the pistol at enemy players, it will produce an exceptionally bright glare that Fortnite fans are already lambasting within the community. “Honestly better for the pistol user, sure they know you are aiming at them, but good luck finding my head while looking at the sun,” jokes Redditor ‘kingtheking9‘.

Players who opt to play in the standard version of the game, where building reigns supreme, are concerned about the pistol’s effectiveness. “In my lobbies where every kid’s default is to crank boxes this thing is going to be useless, cause you never see someone until they’re within 1 square for [the] pump [shotgun],” posits ‘anonymousbruh767’. Meanwhile, others like ‘Satrapheretic’ believe the Lock-On Pistol could bring back terrifying memories of an iconic Titanfall 2 weapon: “Titanfall’s smart pistol flashbacks! good god no!”

We wonder whether the Lock-On Pistol will still be around in time for the highly anticipated Fortnite first-person mode update, as it’ll add a new layer of adrenaline to those channelling its power. Elsewhere in Fortnite, developer Epic Games might just be teeing up a Fortnite Doctor Who crossover. Maybe the world’s best Time Lord can deal with Lock-On Pistol users.