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How to beat The Ageless in Fortnite

With the arrival of the latest Chapter and a new season comes an exciting boss for players to face. Here’s how to beat The Ageless in Fortnite

How to Beat The Ageless in Fortnite: The Ageless skin in Fortnite Chapter 4

After the events of Fracture and the creation of a new map, a new threat is ready to be taken down, and you’ll need to beat The Ageless in Fortnite to be able to do this. Like many other NPC bosses in Epic Games’ popular battle royale, he will spawn in every match and be ready for any challenging players that come his way.

You’ll definitely need to be prepared for this fight, so it might be worth dropping in at the best Fortnite landing spots to give you the edge. Better yet, you could make use of the new Fortnite Hot Spots mechanic to even further increase your odds of winning. If you’re ready for a fight, here’s how you can beat The Ageless.

How to beat The Ageless in Fortnite

In Fortnite, The Ageless can be found in The Citadel POI. You can beat him by:

  • Looting prior to the fight, with Rare or better weapons preferred
  • Having a stock of healing and Shields in your inventory
  • Bringing some friends along to help
  • Keeping your distance to avoid his Shockwave Hammer

How to beat The Ageless in Fortnite: Fortnite Chapter 4 map with marker on The Citadel

The Ageless uses a mix of his Shockwave Hammer and the new Ex-Caliber Rifle to defend The Citadel. He doesn’t use the hammer unless you get close, but it will send you flying as well as dealing a decent amount of damage. That’s why keeping a distance is important, as Ex-Caliber Rifles are fairly slow and they’re very telegraphed.

Before the fight, we still recommend landing at The Citadel. You can avoid engaging him until you’re ready, but this POI is stocked with Fortnite Oathbound Chests, which have some great loot in them. However, we recommend avoiding it if this location is a Hot Spot, as it will be difficult to fight The Ageless if too many enemy players are around.

Using an Ex-Caliber Rifle and Shockwave Hammer yourself is a pretty good way of beating this boss. The Ex-Caliber Rifle’s sword will explode when attached to him, dealing a great amount of damage to his Shield and HP. As for the hammer, it’s both a great way to send him flying when he gets close, as well as a means for escaping if you need to heal up.

Finally, having another player or a few friends will make this fight more manageable. While you’ll be going up against teams of enemies, The Ageless will remain as a single boss. More players fighting him means more damage and a quicker fight.

That’s all of the information you need to beat The Ageless in Fortnite. Before you head down to The Citadel, it may be worth making use of Fortnite Augments to help you defeat him. However, if you’re ready to face The Ageless in one of the best battle royale games right now, go right ahead!