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Fire Emblem Engage online features and multiplayer explained

Get an idea of all the Fire Emblem Engage online features and multiplayer options available in the game as you are playing and how they work

Fire Emblem Engage Online Features: Alear can be seen

Fire Emblem Engage makes a lot of waves in terms of adding new features and modes, with a combat-focused experience. But, what are the suite of Fire Emblem Engage online features and multiplayer options available for you while you are playing?

During your journey, you will meet a whole host of Fire Emblem Engage characters and add them to your team. Alongside, these individuals the Fire Emblem Engage Emblems can be used to help build out your team in online fights either co-operatively or competitively. Below you can read an overview of how both types of engagement work in practice.

Fire Emblem Engage online features

Fire Emblem Engage’s online features and multiplayer come in the form of unique opportunities to form parties and group up in the Tower of Trials. These are Relay Trials. In addition to that, players can form their own teams to take on other champions from other players, with that champion controlled by AI in Outrealm Trials.

Relay Trials are quite simplistic and just have you engaging in online battles against AI with each player you are with getting a couple of turns to attack. To engage in Relay Trials you will need to get Relay Tickets. Outrealm Trials can be undertaken whenever and allow you to build your own maps and share them with other players to play on. You can also take your existing army onto another player’s map and battle against them, attempting to defeat their AI-controlled champion, as described above.

These modes are only available online and the game doesn’t have any kind of local co-op features. So, you will need to have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play these two modes.

That covers what you can expect in terms of the Fire Emblem Engage online features and multiplayer modes. For more about the game, see our guide on the Fire Emblem Engage chapters to know how long you have left and our Fire Emblem Engage length article to see the time it takes to finish them all.