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Fire Emblem Engage length and how long to beat

Get an idea of the Fire Emblem Engage length and how long it will take for you to beat the game and get through it all it has to offer

Fire Emblem Engage Length: The protagonist can be seen

If you are looking to dive into Fire Emblem Engage, you likely want to know just how much of your life is going to be sucked up by the latest game in the series. Well, in this article we have a rough guide of just how long you will spend in the world of Elyos with the Fire Emblem Engage length.

If you are familiar with the series then you won’t be too surprised by the answer below, but if not then you will need to prepare for a long ride. If you are jumping in as well, we have a full list of the Fire Emblem Engage characters you will meet.

Fire Emblem Engage length

Fire Emblem Engage’s length is around 45-60 hours for a full story playthrough. However, if you spend more time in battles, take on fights at a harder difficulty and include perma-death for your units it could take you much longer. So, this is a rough average you can expect.

As with most of Nintendo’s games, especially their ambitious JRPGs the length of Fire Emblem Engage won’t be too surprising to anyone who has played a game in the series. So, be sure to strap in for a lengthy story experience. Although, Engage is less story-heavy than Three Houses so you won’t spend quite as long talking to people.

There you have the Fire Emblem Engage length and how long it takes to beat the game. If you want something that is possibly a bit shorter, our best Switch games article should have another pick for you.