Final Fantasy 16 PC release date speculation, what to expect

Get an overview of the when to expect the Final Fantasy 16 PC release date when the RPG eventually arrives to storefronts like Steam.

Final Fantasy 16 PC Release: Clive can be seen

When is the Final Fantasy 16 PC release date? Fans of the series are keen to know exactly when the game will make the jump from PS5 to Steam, the Epic Games Store, and potentially other storefronts. However,  unfortunately it looks like you will have to wait a little while.

Sony has locked down Final Fantasy 16 on PC as a timed exclusive which means the PC version won’t arrive for some months. And, with the game being so broad and the Final Fantasy 16 length being several dozen hours, the game likely won’t even be ready as soon as that period ends.

Final Fantasy 16 PC release date speculation

The release date of Final Fantasy 16 on PC is set for sometime in 2024 or later. Naoki Yoshida confirmed on the Japanese PlayStation Blog that the game won’t be ready for PC by early 2024. Therefore, don’t expect it until the middle of next year or even later.

This earliest date was revealed at the end of the ‘Revenge’ trailer from The Game Awards 2023. A small bit of text at the bottom of the PS5 screen at the end of the trailer says the game won’t come to other platforms until 2024 or later.

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What to expect from the Final Fantasy 16 PC release?

In terms of what you can expect from the game on PC, the game will probably support higher resolutions and frame rates at the same time, feature higher-quality textures, and have a range of other graphical options.

We may also see features like widescreen support and PS5 DualSense implementation on PC. But, those aren’t as common and it depends on how much time Square Enix puts into the PC version of the game. None of this has been confirmed by Square Enix either, but the features are commonplace in PC ports of games.

So, while the Final Fantasy 16 PC release is still a while away, be sure to stay off the internet if you don’t want spoilers. Mute those keywords on social media. But, if you do want a brief on what to expect our Final Fantasy 16 characters list has a good deep dive on everyone in the main story.