Final Fantasy 16 is what God of War Ragnarok “should have been”

Square Enix has struck gold in the eyes of Final Fantasy 16 players, as FF16 fans claim it is the experience that God of War Ragnarok should offer on PS5.

Final Fantasy 16 God of War Ragnarok Comparison

Final Fantasy 16 is already up there with the best PS5 RPG games, and fans of the long-running franchise believe it stands toe-to-toe with some of the PS5‘s most reputable titles. In fact, FF16 fans are so smitten with the latest entry that some claim it offers an experience that the award-winning God of War Ragnarok should match.

Well for Redditor ‘coco_puffsz’, the adventures of Clive Rosfield are the way to go. “This game absolutely blew my mind and far exceeded my expectations […] the Titan fight, it was like fighting a god, something God of War Ragnarok lacked in my opinion. I love Ragnarok but it just felt kinda disappointing,” says the FF16 fan, bringing the community together to discuss the game’s merit.

“I had the exact same thoughts for the entire game. Boss fights in this game feel like entire separate movies, you actually feel like [you’re] fighting god entities,” explains ‘Call_Me_Wo’. They add that “modern God of War has great storytelling, but really lacks in epic boss fights when compared to Greek God of War, and FF16 just blew it completely out of the competition.”

The Loadout’s Final Fantasy 16 review from Callum Self notes the game’s exceptional setpieces too, making it an absolute must-own title for PS5 players.

I just finished FFXVI, and this game…is what God of War Ragnorak should’ve been!
by u/coco_puffsz in FFXVI

Others aren’t so sure whether Final Fantasy 16 surpasses the bar of quality that God of War Ragnarok pushes. Fellow Redditor ‘skryzee1’ comments “I agree with the boss battles and combat being better in ff16 […] [but]  FF16’s questing is so bad, its looting system is useless, crating useless, abilities are barebones.”

Though they note that “both [games] have their own pros and cons”, they say that “Final Fantasy 16 just has so many highs it makes up for the lows which is why I’m really enjoying it.” The two franchises offer different approaches to storytelling, with current God of War games opting for a highly cinematic approach – utilizing a one-take camera style as a means to keep immersion high.

Respecting that craftsmanship, ‘conspiracydawg‘ says “God of War had meaningful exposition by just the dialogue between Kratos, Atreus, and Mimir, it didn’t need 2 NPCs to explain the backstory and current events. No fetch quests either.”

Despite the latest Final Fantasy entry selling slower than the FF7 remake, the game is still young and has exciting prospects on the horizon, like a potential crossover with Final Fantasy 14. No matter which game you prefer, there are always more adventures to go on, so don’t forget to keep updated with all the upcoming pS5 games on the horizon.