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Simple FF16 EXP farm will net you upwards of 40 million EXP an hour

If you want to hit Level 100 before you check out New Game Plus in Final Fantasy 16 on PS5, you need to check out this fantastically simple EXP farm spot now.

Final Fantasy 16 EXP farm: an image of Clive looking angry for the PS5 RPG

If you’re burning through the Final Fantasy 16 main questline and you’re already thinking about New Game Plus and FF16‘s harder Final Fantasy mode, you’re going to want to make sure you’re unlocking all the best abilities available and hitting the highest level possible before you do – right? Whether you’re a veteran Final Fantasy fan, or someone new to the series with Final Fantasy 16, the bosses you come up against aren’t going to be easy. Thankfully, if you don’t want to spend hours slowly chipping away at Level 100, there’s a simple EXP farm strategy out there you can take advantage of.

That’s right, there’s already a way to beat the long grind to Level 100 – and it really isn’t that complicated at all. If you’re already ready to jump Invictus-first into a second playthrough on on one of the harder Final Fantasy 16 difficulty levels, you’ll be pleased to know that RPG-focused content creator ‘PrimalLiquid‘ has worked out a fantastic way to grind millions of EXP in a matter of minutes.

In fact, just like thier epic AP farm strategy helps you unlock all the Eikon abilities in a matter of hours, you’ll be able to hit Level 100 in an afternoon; PrimalLiquid estimates you can earn upwards of 40,000,000 EXP an hour with this strategy and that certainly sounds right seeing it in action.

However, there are a few things you need to make sure you have access to before you get started. Firstly, you need to equip the Arm of Darkness Odin Eikon ability and the Dancing Steel Odin Eikon ability. Having both of these Mastered is ideal, so you should check out the AP farm mentioned above if you need a few thousand more AP to do that. However, having both of these equipped should be enough to take some advantage of the EXP farm spot.

Final Fantasy 16 EXP Farm: an image of the two Eikon abilities you need in this PS5 RPG

When it comes to Accessory items, you’re also going to need both On Fortune and the Heavens and On Fortune and the Heavens II. Both items improve upon your EXP earnings in normal combat encounters and they’re key to making sure you take full advantage of the EXP farming spot below. Stacked together, these will give you an additional 60% EXP in normal combat encounters. You can also use the FF16 pre-order bonuses to get an additional 10%, but you’re still going to get huge amounts of EXP without that.

PrimalLiquid also recommends using the Masamune sword – which can be found in a chest in the Shadow Coast, just east of Rikmal’s Roost, next to the Hand of Rhea. This does 310 damage and 310 stagger, which should make sure you’re clearing out any enemies you need to in a matter of moments. The Pull of Darkness accessory, which increases the rate Dancing Steel fills your Zantetsuken gauge, is also extremely useful. However, you can only get this from defeating Ultima – so don’t worry if you’re not there yet.

Final Fantasy 16 EXP farm: an image of where you can find the sword in the PS5 RPG

Once you think you’re ready and have – at least some of – the above equipped, you need to head the The Shadow Coast south entrance fast travel Obelisk in The Kingdom of Waloed. This is where you start, and will return to repeat, the EXP farm. This means you can technically start farming as soon as you get the Footfalls in Ash quest, though, which isn’t a bad thing.

From this fast travel Obelisk, you’re going to want to travel through the rocky canyon before you until you reach Wolfdarr. Here, you’ll need to draw the group of enemies near the well and the group of enemies further along the path together, and then run to the upper level of Wolfdarr and draw all three enemies together.

Final Fantasy 16 EXP farm: an image of the Obelisk in the PS5 RPG

Here, when everyone is together, you’re going to want to use Dancing Steel to charge your Zantetsuken gauge – which should reach Level 5 with the Pull of Darkness accessory. When you’ve got this, you’re going to need to center yourself in the remaining enemies and trigger the Zantetsuken by holding square. This should eliminate everyone else and, as you can see in the video below, net you upwards of 500,000 EXP.

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From here, you’ll need to return to The Shadow Coast fast travel Obelisk – to respawn the enemies – and do it all over again. When you get used to the method and using your Eikon abilities in the right way, the whole thing can take you less than 60 seconds – which means you can stack up some serious EXP gains in just one hour.

FF16 might be one of the best PS5 RPG games of all time, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a slog to get to the higher levels. However, while this might not be the most entertaining way to get to max level, this EXP farm should help you get there a lot quicker than you would be able to normally. This game does do a disservice to its combat system by locking Final Fantasy mode, though. So, it isn’t perfect.