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Final Fantasy legend Koji Fox strikes again with FF16’s Caulk and Bawl

As FF16 players dig into the world of the latest Square Enix RPG, one quest in particular has caught the attention of fans and Twitch star Esfand.

Final Fantasy 16 quest puns koji fox

Across the lands of Final Fantasy 16 there are heaps of quests to undertake. However, out of all the many Final Fantasy 16 quests, one particular moment has both new and returning players praising the game’s sense of humor – even capturing the attention of Twitch streamers like ‘Esfand’. It may just have something to do with senior translator Michael-Christopher Koji Fox.

Aside from pulverizing all the Final Fantasy 16 bosses, you’ll eventually encounter an oddly titled side quest located in The Hideaway. Appearing first during The Gathering Storm and after completing Home, Sweet Home, you’ll be tasked to complete the Caulk and Bawl mission. We did a double take too, but yes there is some Caulk and Bawl gameplay to be found in the latest Final Fantasy adventure.

This quest’s name surely has to be the crafty work of Koji Fox – at least that’s what Final Fantasy fans are sure of. Esfand’s journey throughout FF16 prompts the discussion, but not before the streamer can believe what he is hearing: “The name of this quest is Caulk and Bawl […] are you kidding me? Square Enix, are you kidding me.”

Redditor ‘Shikizion‘ joins a growing segment of the FF16 fandom that believe Koji Fox penchant for puns is behind this hilarious moment, claiming that “Koji Fox managed to get his way again! [The] man is a madman.” Fellow Final Fantasy fan ‘LineRex’ agrees, adding that “Koji Fox strikes again.”

“Koji Fox 100% wrote that. My man was also responsible for some very interesting stuff when localizing stuff for FF XIV,” says Redditor ‘HotZin’. Koji Fox’s work on the franchise is known throughout its vast community, with his localization work beginning with 2010’s Final Fantasy 14. Speaking with Game Informer last year ahead of the game’s release, Koji Fox suggested then that “there’ll be a lot of very bad puns in the quest names and achievement names.”

The translator’s knack for excellent wordplay continues to delight players, though some of his best puns are already legendary. Highlights include ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tissue‘ and ‘Quake Me Up Before You O’Ghomoro‘ from Final Fantasy 14.

The Caulk and Bawl quest requires players to help ferryman Obulos secure a new boat before the “blighted water of Bennumere eats straight through its hull and condemns it to the lake bed.” But as you explore the Final Fantasy 16 map, we think finding a boat is the least of your worries. Just make sure you’re unlocking the best Final Fantasy 16 abilities as you do it.