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Final Fantasy 16 attributes explained

Learning about the various Final Fantasy 16 attributes and stats will help you beat the toughest of enemies, so here’s what each of them does.

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If you’re struggling against an enemy, upgrading your Final Fantasy 16 attributes or stats, as some may call them, could make a huge difference. These function like stats in many RPG games, which offer a range of boosts to make Clive feel stronger, ranging from Strength to Will.

We learned all about the various attributes during our Final Fantasy 16 review playthrough and found many can be useful against some of the most challenging Final Fantasy 16 bosses. So, no matter which of the Final Fantasy 16 quests you’re currently on, increasing these attributes will help you complete one of the best RPG games right now.

Final Fantasy 16 attributes explained

The seven Final Fantasy 16 attributes and stats are:

  • HP – better known as Hit Points, HP indicates your health. Once this is reduced to zero, Clive will die and you’ll need to retry
  • Attack – the offensive capability of Clive. The higher the value is, the more damage Clive’s attacks will deal
  • Strength – Strength directly affects Clive’s attack power
  • Defense – the defensive capability of Clive. The higher the value is, the lesser the damage Clive takes from enemy attacks
  • Vitality – Vitality directly affects Clive’s defense
  • Stagger – Stagger is an attribute tied to the ability to overwhelm an opponent. The higher the value is, the easier it is to knock down targets. It is especially useful against more challenging enemies’ stagger bar
  • Will – Will directly affects Clive’s stagger ability

Each of the attributes or stats is increased whenever you level up, with all of them receiving a small boost. However, different swords also offer boosts to Clive’s Attack and Stagger attributes, with various pieces of armor offering small boosts to Clive’s Defense and HP.

HP (Health Points)

HP, or Health Points, is directly tied to Clive’s overall health. Whenever this drops to zero, the game will end with Clive dying, but you can retry at the closest checkpoint. HP can be increased by leveling up, or by wearing armor that affects your HP.


A combination of Clive’s Strength stat as well as gear quality, Attack directly affects the damage that your attacks can deal. You can increase the Attack attribute by equipping swords that have higher Attack stats, or by leveling up.

Strength increases naturally as you progress through the game and level Clive up. Strength doesn’t do anything on its own, but in combination with good gear, it can increase the Attack attribute.


A combination of the Vitality attribute, as well as the quality of gear Clive has equipped, Defense will make any enemy attacks cause less damage on Clive, allowing him to take more hits before dying.


Vitality increases as you level Clive up, and while it doesn’t do anything by itself, the Vitality stat does increase the Defense attribute alongside good gear.

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Tied to the ability to overwhelm opponents, Stagger is a combination of gear quality and the Will attribute. Many enemies, including every boss in the game, have a stagger bar below their health, which is knocked down with attacks. Stagger helps to bring down the stagger bar quickly. Stagger can be increased by leveling up or by using swords with higher Stagger damage.


The Will attribute doesn’t do anything on its own, but in combination with good gear, it can increase the Stagger ability.

That’s everything you need to know about the Final Fantasy 16 attributes. If you need any help conquering the different Final Fantasy 16 Eikons during your journey, you can always use our Final Fantasy 16 walkthrough which has plenty of guides for you to read.