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FIFA 23 TOTY promo could see cheapest FUT pack ever return

If you're looking to bolster your Ultimate Team in FIFA 23, packs are a good way to do it - and the cheapest pack yet might be returning just in time for TOTY.

FIFA 23 TOTY packs ten coin pack: an image of Marcus Rashford from Manchester United in the football game

When it comes to throwing together a sick squad in Ultimate Team, picking up some FIFA 23 packs is usually a good place to start. While they are something of a gamble, there is the chance to pick up some of the best FIFA 23 strikers or best FIFA 23 goalkeepers for a lot less than their Transfer Market value. Even if you’re a risk-averse football game player, it looks like the cheapest FIFA 23 FUT pack ever might be making a return to the in-game store just in time for the TOTY promo.

Following EA’s reveal of all the FIFA 23 TOTY players we can look forward to seeing in packs, FIFA 23 content creator ‘Fut Scoreboard‘ has shared some data-mined information on upcoming packs. And, yes, the ten-coin pack is back.

If you cast your mind back a few weeks, you might remember when the FIFA 23 Black Friday deals included FUT’s cheapest ever pack? If you don’t, the long and short of it is that EA released a ten-coin pack during Black Friday. In this pack, players could get three rare gold players and a World Cup player pick.

Now, we know that isn’t exactly a lot of players. But, when you take into account who you could get – and the fact it’s only ten coins – it’s actually a very good deal.

But, things are changing for this pack’s next appearance. As you can see below, in an image taken from the tweet linked above, the TOTY promo’s coin pack is only going to feature two rare gold players – alongside an 89+ three-game loan player.

Of course, it’s still worth ten coins – because it’s only ten coins. But, it is a shame to see it diminished in value by almost a third, when you think about it logically.

FIFA 23 TOTY packs ten coin pack: an image of the tweet from the football game leaker

From this data mine, we can see that other packs including a 100-player Provisions Pack and a TOTY Foundations Pack will be available alongside an Ultimate Midfielders Pack and an Ultimate Attackers Pack. It’s worth noting that this should all be taken with a pinch of salt, as it’s not an official announcement. However, there’s nothing in here that seems too unusual – we’ve seen just about everything when it comes to FUT packs nowadays.

Still, one of the best FIFA 23 midfielders or best FIFA 23 centre backs could tumble out of that ten coin pack. Then, you’d be laughing, really. You may also get one of FIFA 23’s cheapest players – which, is less funny. But, that’s what the gamble of FIFA 23 packs is all about; when it’s only ten coins on the line, it’s really hard to say no to that.