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FIFA 23 Black Friday deals include FUT’s cheapest ever pack

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team's Black Friday promo has kicked off with a pack costing just ten coins, and amazingly it's actually pretty good too

FIFA 23 Black Friday packs: Man City's Jack Grealish strikes the ball as a defender looks on

FIFA 23 Black Friday packs are arriving in Ultimate Team, and the promo has kicked off with what is the cheapest FUT pack in history.

Appearing in the first bundle of FUT Black Friday deals in the FIFA 23 store is a pack known as the Black Friday 10 Coin Pack, and yes, it really does just cost ten coins. But surely the contents will be awful, right? Wrong – they’re actually pretty good for a pack costing such a miniscule amount.

For your humble ten coins, you’ll get three rare gold players, and a World Cup Player Pick. Sure, it’s not a bumper haul of players for your club, but this is probably the best ever FIFA Ultimate Team pack in terms of value. Because if it’s excellent value, you can only get one per account, so no monster pack openings with this one unfortunately.

If you want to grab your own, you’ll have to be quick – the 10 Coin Pack currently has an expiry timer on it and could disappear from the store at 6am PT/ 9am ET/ 2pm GMT on November 25, which is just a few hours after this article goes live. If you’re reading this after that time, then sorry, you were too slow on this occasion.

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The 10 Coin Pack may return throughout the weekend though, so keep an eye out for it.

This pack was first rumoured after new store additions were datamined earlier in the week. As well as the cheap as chips 10 Coin Pack, some more expensive packs appear to be coming too, including a Centurion Pack which contains (brace yourself) 100 rare gold players and ten World Cup Player Picks. Crikey.

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