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Here’s how to get FIFA 23 for cheap with Xbox Game Pass

If you're looking to get your hands on FIFA 23 this festive season, you can actually use Xbox Game Pass to pick this up on the cheap for your Xbox Series X.

FIFA 23 cheap Xbox Game Pass: an image of Sancho in FIFA

If there’s one thing triple-A games are nowadays, it’s expensive – and they’re even more pricey when it comes to picking them up on next-gen consoles like an Xbox Series X. However, if you’ve been holding out on picking up EA’s latest FIFA game, you’re going to want to know this: you can get FIFA 23 for cheap with an Xbox Game Pass subscription. And, when we say cheap, we mean 80% off cheap. Here’s what you need to know.

First things first, you’re going to need to download FIFA 22 from EA Play. This service is, for lack of a better description, EA’s version of Xbox Game Pass and it has been linked with Microsoft’s subscription service for some time. If you have an active Game Pass subscription, you shouldn’t have any problem being able to download FIFA 22 on your Xbox console from it.

Once you’ve done this, you need to boot up FIFA 22 and click through to the main menu. Here, according to TechRadar’s Jennifer Allen – who we saw share this trick online – you should see a pop up with an option to upgrade your FIFA game to FIFA 23 for a discounted price.

In GBP, this should equate to 80% off the full digital price for the standard edition of the game. We can’t confirm just how much this is going to be in other currencies, but it certainly seems to be the cheapest way to pick FIFA 23 up right now.

What’s the best part of this little trick? Once you buy FIFA 23 on your chosen Xbox console, it’s yours to keep. You don’t need to keep your Xbox Game Pass subscription active.

If you don’t have Xbox Game Pass yet, but you’re thinking about trying this trick out for yourself, you can get a one month subscription at a discounted price right here.

Buying FIFA 23 this way right now will have you join just in time for the FIFA 23 World Cup mode – and there’s never a wrong time to start picking up the cheapest FIFA 23 players and some of the best FIFA 23 strikers for Ultimate Team.

If you do pick it up, or you’re just starting out with FIFA 23 regardless, you can find out FIFA 23 First XI SBC solutions and FIFA 23 Around The World SBC solutions right here. Completing these challenges should be more than enough to get you started.