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FIFA 23 First XI SBC solutions – how to solve and cheapest players

Let us help you out of a sticky situation - here is the best FIFA 23 First XI SBC solution that'll nab you that rare players pack in no time

FIFA 23 First XI SBC solution: Manchester City players celebrate a goal

If you’re looking to make some quick coins on FIFA, you’re going to want to complete Squad Building Challenges. Some will feel like a breeze to complete, while others will be a thorn in your side. One of the toughest of them all is the First XI SBC from Hybrid Leagues, which requires you to pair players from 11 different leagues with a certain level of chemistry.

The SBC is notorious for its difficulty, and, thanks to recent changes to the chemistry system in-game, EA has changed the requirements for completing this. Now, in order to find FIFA 23 First XI solutions, players no longer have to field players from one country – they just have to have a minimum of 27 Squad Total Chemistry points.

This isn’t helped by the fact that the game’s guide to the chemistry system is pretty poor. So to help you along, we’ve devised this FIFA 23 First XI SBC solutions guide, which should help you solve this puzzle in the quickest – and cheapest – way possible.

FIFA 23 First XI SBC requirements

Here are the requirements to complete the First XI SBC in FIFA 23:

  • Exactly 11 leagues in squad
  • Exactly gold players
  • Minimum seven rare players
  • Minimum two chemistry points on each player
  • Minimum 27 squad total chemistry points

Gone are the days of needing 100 chemistry and loyalty. Now for this version of First XI, you’ll need a minimum of 27 squad total chemistry points and two chemistry points for each player.

In FIFA 23, players can have up to three chemistry points. These can be collected by pairing players with others from their country, league, or club. They also gain chemistry for being played in position.

With this in mind, in order to solve the FIFA 23 First XI SBC, you’re going to want to play players in their natural position and have links to players from similar countries. With that in mind – and the fact there’s a requirement to have players from 11 different leagues – you’re going to want to pick players from one country. The best options here are Brazil and Argentina.

FIFA 23 First XI SBC solution

Since the market is pretty volatile at the moment, we’ve worked out a few different solutions for this SBC using different nations.


And here’s the best FIFA 23 First XI solution using only Argentinian players. Note: You’ll need to pick up a position change for Palacios on the right wing.

Fifa 23 FIRST XI solution


And here’s our second solution, this time with Brazilian players.

FIFA 23 First XI SBC solution Brazil - a soluion for the SBC using Brazilian players

To make sure you’re getting the best value, we encourage you to check your club – and the prices on the market – first.

So there you have it, the best FIFA 23 First XI solution. We’ll update this guide with other options in the coming days, so keep your eyes peeled.

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