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FIFA 23 best kits in Ultimate Team

Looking for some of the best FIFA 23 kits to make your Ultimate Team look the part? Here are our favourite home, away, and third strips

FIFA 23 best kits: Jack Grealish strikes the ball as a defender looks on

If you want to dominate in style in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, you’re going to want to deck your players out in one of the FIFA 23 best kits. While there are plenty of cosmetics in Ultimate Team these days, such as pyrotechnics behind goalposts and more, the one thing your opponent has no choice but to look at is your kit. If looking the part in FIFA is important to you, you have to start with a great home and away strip.

Over the years we’ve seen some great real-world football kits and custom-designed Ultimate Team kits hit the game. The iconic pink of Palermo, the Inter Milan kit with the dragon snaking around it, and the bright orange and black combination of Kaizer Chiefs – all have been deemed highly desirable by Ultimate Team players.

But what are the best FIFA 23 kits? Of course, at the end of the day, it’s down to personal opinion and taste, but we’ve rounded up a selection of great kits that we think the majority of players will enjoy.

FIFA 23 best kits

Our top five best FIFA 23 kits picks are:

Barcelona third kit

While its home kit is a bit mid, and its gold away kit looks rather underwhelming in person, Barcelona has an absolutely delicious third kit for this season that will likely be in FIFA 23. It’s clean, it’s unique, and with the cross being in the club’s colours, there’s still that air of Barcelona-ness.

Manchester United third kit

We’ll give you one guess as to why The Loadout dot com rather likes Manchester United’s third kit…

Argentina home and away kits

With the World Cup this year, a lot of national teams have pulled out the stops to design some great kits. Argentina has always sported one of international football’s cleanest colour schemes, with its iconic light blue and white stripes, and their World Cup home kit is one of the cleanest iterations yet.

For its away kit, though, it’s completely flipped the script. It’s purple. It’s got flames on it. It’s awesome.

Nottingham Forest third kit

There are some great alternative kits in the Premier League this season, but Nottingham Forest has designed a belter of a third kit. This almost pearlescent looking dark blue and coral pattern is unlike any other kit we’ve seen so far for this season, and would certainly set you apart in FIFA 23.

We’re not 100% sure if this will be added into Ultimate Team, as only a few clubs get their third kits added, so we’ll swap this out for another entry if it ends up not being on the lineup of FIFA 23 kits.

Lyon away kit

Another unique-looking kit that will be in FIFA 23 is Lyon’s striking red and black away kit. With a design that apparently reflects a “smoke-filled stadium”, according to Adidas, it’s certainly distinctive.

Some honourable mentions and other great FIFA 23 kits include:

  • Southampton away kit
  • Chelsea away kit
  • Barcelona third kit
  • Cadiz away kit
  • Italy home kit
  • Everton away kit
  • Bayern Munich away kit

So those are our picks for the best FIFA 23 kits. As EA continues to add its own special kits, we will update this list with some of the coolest ones. If you’re ready to take your squad to the next level, check out our lists of the FIFA 23 Icons and FIFA 23 Heroes.