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FIFA 22 Heroes player ratings, leagues, nationalities, and more

Wondering who the FIFA 22 Heroes are? These players are featured on a new Ultimate Team card that'll transform your team online

FIFA 22 heroes: Mario Gomez points to his chest with both hands as he celebrates a goal in FIFA 22

FIFA 22 introduces a new type of item into Ultimate Team that aims to give players the nostalgia of an Icon card but (hopefully) without the large price tag. They are called FUT Heroes, and they feature iconic players from a number of leagues and nations from around the world.

While not tied to an individual club like most FUT items, FIFA 22 Heroes will provide strong chemistry in your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team to players from the same nation or the same league that they made their name in. A Hero’s league is decided based on an iconic moment from their careers, such as a memorable goal or involvement in a title-winning passage of play.

While FIFA 22 will still boast a huge line-up of Icons, FIFA 22 Heroes are a great middle ground between those super-expensive players and your standard special cards like Team of the Weeks or Man of the Matches. Their overall ratings appear to fall between 85 and 89, and unlike Icons, there is only one single version of each Hero player.

EA has revealed a line-up of 19 FUT Heroes for FIFA 22. Here we’ll go over all the confirmed FIFA 22 Hero cards, how they work in FIFA Ultimate Team, and their ratings, nationalities, and leagues.

Here’s everything we know about FIFA 22 Heroes in Ultimate Team.

What are FIFA 22 Heroes

In FIFA 22, Hero cards feature former pro players, just like Icon cards, but they will be slightly lower rated and there won’t be multiple versions of the same player.

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These players are tied to a league (specific to a heroic moment from their career) as well as their nationality, but will not represent a club.

In terms of chemistry, FIFA 22 Heroes will offer a green link to any player in the same league as them, as you would get placing two players from the same club together. They will also give the usual chemistry for players from the same nation.

This means they will be extremely useful in both building squads to compete with and potentially SBCs, if they are affordable.

FIFA 22 heroes: FIFA 22 FUT Hero cards for Robbie Keane, Mario Gomez, and Diego Milito

FIFA 22 FUT Hero players

Here are all the FIFA 22 Heroes EA has confirmed so far, along with their rating, nationality, league, and potential position.

Player Position Rating League Nationality
Abedi Pele CAM 89 Ligue 1 Uber Eats Ghana
David Ginola LM 89 Ligue 1 Uber Eats France
Mario Gomez ST 88 Bundesliga Germany
Tim Cahill ST 85 Premier League Australia
Diego Milito ST 88 Serie A Argentina
Jorge Campos GK 87 Liga BBVA Mexico
Fernando Morientes ST 89 La Liga Santander Spain
Sami Al-Jaber ST 86 MBS Pro League Saudi Arabia
Robbie Keane ST 86 Premier League Ireland
Clint Dempsey ST 85 MLS USA
Ole Gunnar Solskjær ST 86 Premier League Norway
Lars Ricken CAM 85 Bundesliga Germany
Iván Córdoba CB 87 Serie A Colombia
Jürgen Kohler CB 89 Bundesliga Germany
Antonio Di Natale ST 88 Series A Italy
Joe Cole CAM 87 Premier League England
Aleksandr Mostovoi CAM 86 La Liga Santander Russia
Freddie Ljungberg RM 86 Premier League Sweden
Jerzy Dudek GK 86 Premier League Poland

FIFA 22 FUT Hero stats

Here are all the FUT Heroes that have had their card stats revealed for FIFA 22 so far.

Tim Cahill (85)

Tim Cahill was the first to reveal his FIFA 22 FUT Hero card stats. The iconic former Everton striker showed off a very well-rounded card featuring 81 dribbling, 85 shooting, and 86 physical.

Abedi Pele (89)

Abedi Pele has a monstrous FUT Hero card for FIFA 22, and we can certainly see this rapid CAM being utilised out wide as a winger in-game. Pele boasts 91 pace and 91 dribbling, as well as an impressive 87 passing and 83 shooting.

David Ginola (89)

One of the highest-rated FUT Hero cards is David Ginola, and his card stats are through the roof. Aside from his defending, all of his stats are over 84 – including and impressive 88 shooting and 91 dribbling.

Aleksandr Mostovoi (86)

Expect Mostovoi to be an affordable but effective CAM for your La Liga squads in FIFA 22. While some of his stats look a bit average, he does boast 88 dribbling and 86 passing – two key stats for any player in his position.

Fernando Morientes (89)

Fernando Moreintes looks to be the most clinical finisher out of the entire FIFA 22 FUT Hero lineup. The Spaniard boasts 90 shooting, along with commendable dribbling, pace, and physical stats. A great poacher to have in the centre of a front three.

Iván Córdoba (87)

Colombian centre back Iván Córdoba could be one of the most feared defenders in FIFA 22. With 86 pace and 87 physical, he is one of the most athletic CBs out there, and with 90 defending, very little will be getting past him.

Diego Milito (88)

Similarly to Morientes, Diego Milito looks to be a clinical finisher. While most of his stats will be outdone by most of FIFA 22’s other top strikers, you can’t argue with 89 shooting for your goal-getter.

Antonio Di Natale (88)

Di Natale is going to be one of the most desirable FUT Hero cards in FIFA 22 because of his insane stats. 90 pace, 90 dribbling, and 91 shooting makes him a not only clinical but tricky to defend against too. Pair him up with a bigger, more physical striker in a front two, and you’ll be laughing.

Jorge Campos (87)

Because of his league and nation, we’ll sadly see very little of Campos in FIFA 22. And that’s a shame, because his stats are very interesting. With a whopping 84 speed, Campos is one of the fastest keepers we’ve ever seen in a FIFA game.

Lars Ricken (85)

A decent set of card stats for attacking midfielder Lars Ricken. 85 shooting and 83 dribbling will make him a goal threat, but his 80 passing means he may not be the ideal playmaker in that CAM role.

Mario Gomez (88)

With 90 shooting and 83 physical, Mario Gomez makes for a perfect target man and goal poacher. He won’t run rings around defences, but he will still get you goals.

Jürgen Kohler (89)

Kohler is certainly one of the best options for a high-rated Bundesliga team. With 71 pace, there are certainly quicker centre backs out there, but you can’t argue with a defender that boasts 90 physical and 91 defending.

Are FIFA 22 Heroes Icons?

FUT Hero cards are not the same as Icons in FIFA 22 – Heroes are a completely separate card type. They offer different chemistry, have a different design, are generally lower-rated, and are tied to a specific league.

The same database leaks that produced the names above though did hint at some FIFA 22 new Icons, though, including Wayne Rooney and Cafu.

FIFA 22 FUT Hero Upgrade SBC

A new SBC has been added to FIFA 22, giving you the chance to nab an untradeable FUT Hero card. In order to earn the card, you’ll need to complete three SBCs, but they aren’t particularly difficult. These SBCs require an 83-rated squad, an 85-rated squad, and an 86-rated squad.

Here are the FUT Hero Upgrade SBC requirements:

  • 83-rated squad: Minimum 1 TOTW player, minimum 83 rating, minimum 60 chemistry
  • 85-rated squad: Minimum 1 TOTW player, minimum 85 rating, minimum 55 chemistry
  • 86-rated squad: Minimum 86 rating, minimum 40 chemistry

As you can see the FUT Hero Upgrade SBC isn’t particularly difficult to complete, but it is a risky one. Some hero cards, like Cahill, can be bought from the market for around 40,000 coins. This SBC will cost you around 180,000 coins if you don’t have the fodder – and the risk might not pay off.

Still, if you’re adamant you want to complete it, make sure to check out our cheapest high-rated FIFA 22 players guide.

That’s everything we’ve got on FIFA 22 Heroes for now, but if we get more information soon we’ll update this guide.