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FIFA 21 Around the World SBC solutions: How to solve and which players to use

It's time to learn some geography, folks, as the FIFA 21 Around the World SBC gave you some tricky tasks to solve.

20/03/2024 You can no longer complete this challenge in FIFA 21 because the limited-time challenge has now expired and the game’s servers have since been taken offline.

Over the past few games before FIFA 21, Squad Building Challenges played an increasingly important role in Ultimate Team. In FIFA 21, SBCs gave players a chance to make some early coins or to trade in their club’s deadwood for a shot at high-rated special cards or Icons.

At the start of FIFA 21, there was plenty of SBC content to work your way through – but some of them were a real test of your squad-building skills. In the Hybrid Nations SBC set, the final Around the World puzzle caused quite a few headaches. While this final challenge was significantly easier than the Puzzle Master SBC in the League and Nations set or the First XI SBC in the Hybrid Leagues set, it still caught people out as it required ten different nationalities and an 81 squad rating. Though, with a lovely Rare Mega Pack up for grabs, it was worth it.

Remember, the FIFA 21 servers have since been taken offline, disabling Ultimate Team, so this challenge can no longer be completed.

FIFA 21 Hybrid Nations SBC set

Compared to the similar Hybrid Leagues and League and Nation Hybrid sets, this group of puzzles was probably the easiest. The general trend was to pick one league and stick to it, but to make sure you had a few players from some obscure nations to tick the boxes.

The best leagues for the Hybrid Nations SBC set were:

  • Premier League
  • Serie A
  • Bundesliga
  • Ligue 1
  • MLS (for all but Around the World)
  • LaLiga (for all but Around the World)

FIFA 21 Around the World SBC solutions

So for the final challenge in the Hybrid Leagues set, you needed players that were relatively high-rated, from a variety of nations, and some that were in rather awkward positions.

While a number of leagues, such as Ligue 1 or Bundesliga, could be used to solve this puzzle with the help of loyalty bonuses or Position Change items, we found a relatively cheap solution that could be bought straight from the Transfer Market. No need to use consumables, and no need to worry about loyalty.

To do this, all you had to do was use Premier League players, as it was the only league with suitable options for the LWB and RWB positions.

This was our FIFA 21 Around the World SBC solution:

  • GK: Dubravka (Slovakia)
  • RWB: Yedlin (USA)
  • CB: Maguire (England), Evans (N. Ireland), and Dendoncker (Belgium)
  • LWB: Jonny (Spain)
  • CM: Keita (Mali) and Neves (Portugal)
  • RW: Willian (Brazil)
  • ST: Haller (France)
  • LW: Barnes (England)

FIFA 21 Around the World SBC: A team formation in the setup screen with 100 Chemistry.

Thanks to a double club link, Jonny was boosted to 10 chemistry despite not having a loyalty bonus. This no loyalty, no position change team cost us less than 20,000 coins. Winner!

While this was by no means the only way to complete this SBC, it was one of the quickest if your club was looking a little empty when it came to players with loyalty bonuses.

Although we cracked the case with this crafty team, luck, unfortunately, wasn’t on our side when it came to opening our big reward.