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F1 22 game Icons - which MyTeam drivers will be available?

Codemasters’ new Formula One racing game brings back the F1 22 game Icons and here’s who you’ll be able to recruit for your championship attempts

F1 22 Icons list: an image of Alain Prost from the F1 2021 Deluxe Edition trailer

Through F1 2021, Codemasters introduced MyTeam Icons to its’ Formula One racing game series. This feature added iconic drivers from F1’s rich history of talent to the driver pool that players can recruit from in their MyTeam career mode. Thankfully, fans of MyTeam will be pleased to know that there will be F1 22 game Icons to talk about; both returning drivers and new faces will be added to the MyTeam driver pool for career mode players to check out.

The new additions to the F1 22 game Icons list may have gone under the radar, as it wasn’t announced initially. But, there will be some new faces – which will help players bring some real talent into their MyTeam teams and create their dream grid line-ups.

All but one of the F1 2021 Icons will be returning and available in the F1 22 Icons pool, alongside three new additions. There’s nothing to say that this number of iconic Formula One drivers won’t increase, but for now, we have all the Icons available in F1 22’s MyTeam career mode right here.

F1 22 game Icons list

Here’s a list of all the Icons available in the MyTeam career mode in F1 22:

  • Michael Schumacher (from F1 2021)
  • Ayrton Senna (from F1 2021)
  • Alain Prost (from F1 2021)
  • Jenson Button (from F1 2021)
  • David Coulthard (from F1 2021)
  • Felipe Massa (from F1 2021)
  • Jacques Villeneuve (new to F1 22)
  • Mark Webber (new to F1 22)
  • Nico Hulkenberg (new to F1 22)

If you want to know more about their ratings, you can find that out below – and, then be sure to head to our F1 22 driver ratings guide to see how they stack up against the current grid.

Michael Schumacher 98 93 92 96 95
Aryton Senna 79 97 96 94 94
Alain Prost 85 93 92 94 93
Jacques Villeneuve 95 92 92 92 92
Jenson Button 98 94 95 85 89
Felipe Massa 94 88 86 85 87
David Coulthard 91 91 86 86 88
Nico Hulkenberg 77 94 89 83 86
Mark Webber 85 88 77 85 85

Players who want to access Villeneuve, Webber, and Hulkenberg (the three new MyTeam Icons) will need to purchase the F1 22 Champions Edition. There’s every chance that they will be introduced as separate paid DLC at a later date, though – so, don’t worry if you’re not planning on getting that.

Well, that’s everything we know about the F1 22 Icons list right now. If you’re looking forward to this new racing game, find out more about the F1 22 Podium Pass right here and keep an eye on the F1 22 release date here.