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F1 22 Podium Pass will feature items for new F1 Life mode

F1 22 is almost here and the game’s senior creative director has confirmed new details regarding the next iteration of the series’ Podium Pass system

F1 22 Podium Pass F1 Life: An image of an Alfa Romeo in F1 22

Free Practice Three has ended and we’re gearing up for Qualifying. Basically, what we’re trying to say is that F1 22 is under a month away now and we can’t wait to dive into Codemaster’s next entry into the iconic Formula One racing game series. If you’re a driver who likes to get stuck into the seasonal content on offer in Formula One games nowadays, you’ll be pleased to know that the Podium Pass system is returning in F1 22. Speaking to The Loadout, F1 22 senior creative director Lee Mather has shared a few more details on what to expect this time around.

When asked if Podium Pass would be returning in F1 22, something that we haven’t really heard much about in marketing for the upcoming release, Mather confirmed that “Podium Pass will be returning to the game this year”.

Adding to this statement, Mather shared that “as in previous games, it will contain a great range of customisation items for the player”. However, it’s also going to “include branded clothing for your in-game avatar, and items with which to dress your F1 Life location”.

Mather claims that this will allow players to “make the game feel more personal” to them – however, it also feels as though it’s watering down an already watered down battle pass system.

So, if you’re a fan hoping for a more rewarding Podium Pass experience in F1 22… It doesn’t look like you’ll find it. Mather didn’t go into too many details, but it seems that the F1 22 game’s Podium Pass system is destined to offer unusual liveries, abnormal victory radio callouts, and some branded gear for your F1 Life avatar.

If you want to check out the latest F1 22 trailer, you can below:

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Well, that’s everything there is to know about the F1 22 game Podium Pass and what to expect from the next iteration of this seasonal battle pass system. We all knew that the Podium Pass itself wasn’t going anywhere, but it was a little bit of a mystery as to how F1 Life would play into things.

If you want to know more about it, this new F1 22 fame trailer offers us a first look at the F1 Life mode and supercars. You can also check out the latest on the F1 22 release date right here and the news that the F1 22 game is replacing Jeff the engineer – we know, it’s a crime really.