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F1 Life driver locations to be “backdrop” for online lobbies in F1 22

In F1 22, it’s been revealed that all your online multiplayer lobbies will see someone’s custom F1 Life location used as a backdrop in-between races

F1 22 F1 Life location online lobby: The rear end of an Aston Martin F1 car in-game

Another race week has come and gone and we, as Formula One fans, edge closer to the release of Codemasters’ latest racing game, F1 22. With new Adaptive AI drivers, brand new gameplay mechanics, and a calendar’s worth of F1 22 tracks, there’s a lot to look forward to with this one. However, F1 Life is the one new feature that’s drawing the most attention. At a glance, it looks like just another way for EA to monetise the franchise. However, F1 Life is going to play more of a part in day-to-day gameplay than you might think. Your personal F1 Life location is actually going to be the “backdrop” for all your online multiplayer lobbies.

What does this mean, exactly? Well, from what we can tell, it means that F1 22 is doing away with boring menus and making the most of its’ new F1 Life driver locations in the process. Players waiting on an online race to start will find that they’re able to explore the lobby host’s F1 Life driver location – this includes checking out the F1 22 supercars they have earned and any trophies they may have won.

Discussing the new F1 Life driver locations with F1 22 social and creator manager James Barland, senior creative director Lee Mather explains that “F1 Life offers up a really lovely customisable driver location as a hub location for the player… that’s also the backdrop for the multiplayer lobbies.”

If you’re wondering why this change has been made, you’re not alone. Thankfully, Mather has shared some insight into what F1 Life is all about.

“F1 Life was inspired by the lifestyle of a Formula One driver,” Mather explains during the latest F1 22 Developer Deep Dive video. “We all know that they’re incredibly well-paid, they all lead what appear to be very glamorous lifestyles, they’ve got beautiful places where they live, they have great collections of supercars, they all dress very well… It’s the sort of thing people aspire to.”

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Mather continues with the claim that this is all “a huge appeal for the sport” and part of the reason why tracks like Monaco are so famous and beloved – the glitz and glamour it brings to Formula One shouldn’t be ignored and it looks like F1 22 is trying to capitalise on some of that by letting players explore one another’s F1 Life driver locations before an online race.

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To put it plainly, as Mather says, “while you’re waiting in a multiplayer lobby, you’ll be in someone’s F1 Life location.” How glamorous and glitzy it actually is… Well, that’s up to you we suppose – it is customisable, after all.

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