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Evil Dead game’s Flute Boi was “11th hour” addition to the horror game

If you're wondering where one of the most iconic characters from Evil Dead The Game came from, the Flute Boi, we spoke to music director Steve Molitz about it.

Evil Dead The Game interview Flute Boi: an image of a skeleton from the horror game

Saber Interactive’s Evil Dead The Game is just about a year old now, and it’s easily one of the best Xbox horror games and best PS5 horror games available right now if you’re looking for multiplayer action. However, it’s also a treat for fans of the series; Evil Dead The Game has been created with care – and a stunning level of detail when it comes to the environments, the Deadites, and the heroes slaying them. However, one thing that wasn’t necessarily created with the fans in mind – even though you should spot one or two in Army of Darkness – was the now-iconic Flute Boi. A stand-out hit, this character (if we can really call them that) was actually something of last-minute addition to the game.

In a conversation with music director Steve Molitz during an exclusive interview with Evil Dead The Game’s developers, which started out about his work on the horror game and whether there was anything more he’d like to do with it, we found out just how the iconic Flute Boi came about. Molitz expressed that he feels “very fortunate” that he got to do everything he wanted with Evil Dead The Game. However, he did also explain that “part of the joy is seeing how the fans react” – and the internet’s reaction to Flute Boi was a highlight.

Explaining just how he came about, Molitz revealed that the Skeleton Flute unit (which Reddit has largely taken to calling Flute Boi, according to Molitz) “was something that, in the eveventh hour of production” the development team thought “you know what would be kinda cool? What if we gave little musical flute themes to the Flute Skeleton?”

“Then,” Molitz continued, “the Necromancer can spawn him in, and he can increase damage… increase attacks… decrease damage…” Thankfully, he didn’t go into the full details of what this unit can do in-game, but we all get the idea – the Skeleton Flute is a supporting unit that can cause real trouble if you don’t take him out as a survivor.

What amazed Molitz about this, though, isn’t the gameplay mechanic itself but how it was recieved – and how impactful it has become in-game.

“It was this last-minute random idea, and it turned out to be a core gameplay mechanic that people rely on. And, then, all these people started making little memes and videos of that little Flute Boi playing different songs… I would have never, in a million years, expected that little one detail to take on a life of it’s own and be such a fun things for people.”

As someone who “had a blast” working on Evil Dead The Game, it was clear that Molitz was excited to talk about this little Flute Boi and his impact on the game. You can check out an example of the Flute Boi in action below:

When the Necromancer spawns Flute boi:
by u/sullimain in EvilDeadTheGame

We’ve got to admit, we do like Flute Boi and his little tunes. However, there’s more to talk about than just that. Here’s why Evil Dead The Game “could pop up” like a demon on Nintendo Switch and why Evil Dead Rise’s Beth could be a brutal addition to Evil Dead The Game. Oh, and make sure you’re keeping your eyes peeled for more from our exclusive interview with Saber Interactive and a full feature very soon.