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Escape From Tarkov update finally patches crunchy crouch walking

Stealth is vital when it comes to Escape From Tarkov and this FPS game's latest patch notes update is finally fixing the audio issues plaguing players.

Escape From Tarkov patch crouch audio fix: an image of a man pointing from the FPS game

When it comes to playing BattleState Games’ extraction shooter Escape From Tarkov, stealth is an important part of success. Being able to avoid your enemies and then being able to catch them unaware is just as important as having a steady hand and quick reflexes. So, Escape From Tarkov players out there will be pleased to know that the latest set of Escape From Tarkov patch notes – for update – seem to suggest the audio issues plaguing players are coming to an end.

As you can see, if you check out the official Escape From Tarkov patch forum post here, two important audio issues seem to have been fixed in the latest game update – among a whole host of other important bug fixes and server adjustments.

Not only has this recent Escape From Tarkov update “fixed incorrect volume of footstep sounds during crouched and standing movement”, but it has also “fixed issues that led to duplication, stuttering, and lack of some sounds with binaural audio enabled”. We know that might sound a little confusing, but believe us when we tell you it will help.

If you’re here looking for more of an explanation, though, here’s what you need to know.

For a little while now, up until the update anyway, crouched movement hasn’t really been a viable traversal mechanic in Escape From Tarkov. Not only was it incredibly loud while you were doing it, no matter how slow you were actually crouch-walking, the binaural audio issues also made it almost impossible to actually tell which direction in-game sounds were coming from.

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As you might be able to imagine, in a game like Escape From Tarkov where one wrong move can mean death, it was detrimental to the experience. You may find yourself benefitting from crouch-walking players being louder than usual, but you still wouldn’t be able to pinpoint where they were.

However, it looks like those issues are all in the past now; and, as you can see in this Reddit post from ‘Alone_Manufacturer66‘, Escape From Tarkov players are pretty happy about that. Although, we don’t think these fixes will stop Escape From Tarkov players listening to the game at an unhealthy volume – which, we don’t advise.

“Fixed incorrect volume of footstep sounds during crouched and standing movement” from EscapefromTarkov

But, the be-all and end-all of this update is that Escape From Tarkov should offer you an improved experience. Just, make sure you’re avoiding the Escape From Tarkov Steam listing that appeared recently.

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