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Escape From Tarkov Steam listing appears, but it’s fake

We know you want Escape From Tarkov on Steam so you don't have to launch another launcher, but trust us you don't want to buy this version.

Escape From Tarkov Steam listing fake: A scav in the office of factory with a light being shone on him

Diehard Escape From Tarkov fans know there’s only one place to buy the hardcore shooter, and that’s from the official store. But for newcomers, that information isn’t the clearest and a new Escape From Tarkov Steam listing isn’t exactly helping the cause.

The fake listing appeared out of the blue earlier today without much fanfare – something that raised suspicions online. While the storefront has official artwork and videos, including the trailer for the latest Escape From Tarkov map, if you dig a little deeper inconsistencies start to appear.

Firstly, the game’s system requirements are massively off kilter with the official recommendations. The listing on Steam suggests you need an Intel Core 2 Duo and DX11 compatible GPU with 1GB VRAM to play this competitive FPS game. You won’t do much escaping with those specs, believe me. According to PC Game Benchmark, you’ll need an Intel Core I3-530 and a GTX 950 at the minimum.

Secondly, there is no reference of the game being in beta anywhere on the Steam listing – something that is plastered all over the official website and on the launcher. There are also no references to the varying Escape From Tarkov editions, all of which cost a different amount and grant you different pre-order bonuses.

Escape From Tarkov Steam listing fake: The listing of Escape From Tarkov on Steam

Lastly, the changelog of the listing (via SteamDB) indicates that the game will launch the Battlestate Games launcher (the one you download when you buy the game on the official website) rather than the actual game itself. The store description, before it had the ‘correct information’, simply told players they needed to “start escaping from Tartarus prison where you are imprisoned.”

Battlestate Games confirmed to The Loadout that this version is indeed fake. So if you’re looking to pick the game up, do yourself a favour, and buy it from the official website.