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Escape From Tarkov’s traders are having a sale and everything must go

The latest Escape From Tarkov event is here and it's slashing the prices of pretty much everything in game, destroying the flea market in the process

Escape From Tarkov event: Mechanic sitting at his desk

Like a good end of season sale, everything must go in Escape From Tarkov, which is nearing the long awaited Lighthouse patch and wipe. In the last couple of days, players have had a tough job getting their hands on gear due to a pre-wipe event which meant players could only barter with traders. Now, thanks to a major change, players can pick up pretty much everything for about one or two roubles.

In other words, the traders are clearing their shelves ahead of the next Escape From Tarkov wipe and raids are about to get even spicier before. A pair of ComTacs, which were available for three boxes of match sticks or 200,000 roubles days prior, can now be picked up for two roubles from Ragman.

Lucky Scav Junk boxes, which traditionally cost over one million roubles, can also be picked up for the same price, as can guns of all shapes and sizes.

While there are still barters in place for some items, this new pre-wipe event will destroy the value of items in game, especially for those on the flea market. Players will be able to buy high-tier loot once again and run around the Escape From Tarkov maps as big chaddy lads.

The pre-wipe event was revealed in a video shared by Battlestate Games today, which you can watch below.

According to a translation by Axel__TV, the narrator says something about the Lighthouse not being guarded right now, but players have already confirmed that you cannot access it. This is likely to be a tease for the first few days of the new wipe, which will open the Lighthouse for the first time.

This event is the latest of many in the last week or so which allows players to rinse through their gear ahead of the wipe, which is believed to be happening on June 30.