Elden Ring speedrun goes sub-30 minutes for the first time

Only last week the Elden Ring speedrun record was a sub-hour spectacle. Now its Any% run has fallen below the 30-minute mark thanks to new strategies

Elden Ring speedrun: Distortion2 sat smiling next to a Tarnished riding Torrent

This is not a drill – the Elden Ring speedrun record has already hit the sub-30 minute mark. Less than a week ago, we reported on the world’s first sub-hour Any% run posted by ‘LilAggy’. Just days ago, ‘Distortion2’ took us below 40 minutes. Now, the veteran runner has shaved a further ten minutes off his time.

Thanks to a brand new route which further optimises the first half of the Any% category, Distortion2 was able to watch the credits roll in an utterly ridiculous 28 minutes and 59 seconds. The revised route, which now sees the runner prioritise reaching Elden Ring’s penultimate area, Farum Azula, before heading over to Volcano Manor, has knocked several minutes off of what has quickly become a well-optimised run.

However, that’s not to say that clearing FromSoftware’s latest and greatest game in less than half-an-hour is trivialised by the change. Distortion2’s record-breaking attempt came at the end of an 11-hour slog of a stream. While most would be craving the sweet release of bed, Distortion2 was laser focused, clearing each of the bosses required to complete the run without faltering once.

You can check out Distortion2’s sub-30 minute Elden Ring speedrun below.

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With plenty of tricks and skips still being tested, including one which could potentially skip the Godskin Duo completely, it would not be wild to suggest that the Any% category will drop below 25 minutes very soon.