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Elden Ring servers down - the latest on server maintenance

If the Elden Ring servers are down, this guide should you let you know why, including when servers should be back online for PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam

Elden Ring servers down: An Elden Ring character on horseback confronts a towering boss in a forest

Elden Ring may dazzle as a single-player epic, but FromSoftware’s open-world adventure also has online elements that allow for some co-op action. From a friend dropping in to help you slay one of the many Elden Ring bosses, to players leaving notes for other explorers to find, the online features in Elden Ring certainly add a familiar FromSoftware layer to the game.

However, when its servers need a clean up, or they just conk out all together, players will be scrambling to know if the Elden Ring servers are down and, more importantly, when they’ll be back up.

In this guide we’ll try to bring you all the latest information around planned server down time in Elden Ring. Usually, FromSoftware will make players know ahead of time if it is planning to take the Elden Ring servers down to do some crucial maintenance, and we’ll have that info for you here.

Elden Ring servers down

The Elden Ring servers will be down at various times on March 1 as FromSoftware looks to improve multiplayer functionality. Here are the times the servers will be down for maintenance for each platform.


  • 2am-3am GMT
  • 3am-4am CET
  • 11am-12pm JST
  • 6pm-7pm PST (February 28)


  • 3am-4am GMT
  • 4am-5am CET
  • 12pm-1pm JST
  • 7pm-8pm PST (February 28)


  • 4am-5am GMT
  • 5am-6am CEST
  • 1pm-2pm JST
  • 8pm-9pm PST (February 28)

Once the one-hour maintenance window is complete on your platform, the Elden Ring servers should come back online.

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