Elden Ring Game Pass: is the game coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Want to know if Elden Ring Game Pass is a thing? Here's whether or not you can expect to see Elden Ring hit Xbox Game Pass anytime soon.

Elden Ring Game Pass: A player character canbe seen fighting a creature spewing fire from a bowl on his head.

Will Elden Ring be on Game Pass? One of the most exciting games of 2022 is Elden Ring and Xbox players are dying to know if they will be able to experience it on the service. The collaboration between FromSoftware and George R. R. Martin is anticipated to make game of the year lists when 2022 comes to a close.

Based on previews, the game is looking like one of FromSoftware’s best games with a stunning level of detail and player discovery potential. The game is now just days away and if you aren’t planning on buying it, you may be wondering how you get in on the excitement on Xbox? After all everyone on the internet is talking about it.

So, with so much praise being thrown about for Elden Ring and anticipation bubbling to a high-point, here is what we know about Elden Ring on Xbox Game Pass.

Elden Ring Game Pass

Elden Ring will not be launching onto Game Pass in February 2022.

While, an announcement may arrive just before launch, given the amount of excitement for the game, it seems likely that Bandai Namco would prefer to see how the game sells on its own first.

But, past that initial launch, we could see Elden Ring hit Game Pass later in 2022 or in 2023, especially if Microsoft wants to tout one of the biggest games of the year being available on the service during the holiday season.